Saturday, March 10, 2012

2012 Boise Roadster Show

Porsche Cabriolets So it's the middle of March and that means the first Idaho Car Show is going on and Friday night I was off taking pictures of cars and videos of ladies in bikinis for the 40th Anniversary of the O'Reilly Auto Parts Boise Roadsters Show presented by Les Schwab Tires.  Yeah that really is a long name which is exactly why I still just call it the Boise Roadster Show.  And like always there was plenty of the "Seen it already" cars with a smattering of "haven't seen that before" cars.  I was impressed by a few of them for sure.

I'll get to the Miss Roadster Show later in another blog as I just started rendering the videos for it and I imagine that part will take some time.  So yeah the car show.  I was impressed by the cool euros that came to play with the muscle cars.  I've never seen the pair of Porsche 356C Cabriolets that were there nestled in the very back by the Porsche dealer who had brought out the new 991 type 911 Carrera S.  I still need to hit up the dealer to get some better shots. I did get to finally see the one Mercedes Benz SLS AMG that was recently sold here in Boise as it was also in the same little area.  It definitely looks great in person but listening to some people's conversations of the car were interesting.

Jaguar E-type
On the completely opposite side was sitting an original restored Jaguar E-type coupe.  It looked nice but I only really got one good shot of it.  That's something that really bugs me about this show.  It's held in three joined buildings and in each one there is a different lighting and it was just playing havoc with me and my camera as well as the fact that this was the first time I've used the new camera and played with the settings.  I just wasn't getting the pictures that I wanted.

In the same area as the Jaguar there was a new Nissan 370Z that looked straight out of some Fast and the Furious DTV show with it's paint job (seriously flames on a new car is more lame than flat my opinion) but other than that I liked the mods it was rocking.  Then of course you walked around to the other side and you found one of the oddest euros there the Rodded out Fiat Topolino.  So tiny and so weird looking but so damn cool.  Not as cool as what first caught my eye when I walked in the door.  A Fire Bug... Flames work on old cars and I can't think of a better thing to have them on than a Volkswagen fenderless bug.  I liked it a lot but I still gave my ticket "for people's choice" to the silver Porsche Cabriolet.

VW Fire Bug I'm sure for others they probably liked all the old school muscle and hotrods that were there as well and there was plenty to see.  They even had George Barris famous for all his Hollywood cars signing autographs for those craving such things.  And I never did get pictures of the two cute Hooters waitresses that were walking around handing out stuff (both would have been nice contestants for the bikini contest).

To see the rest of the pictures that I took at the Boise Roadster Show visit this set at Flickr -- 2012 Roadster Show

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