Monday, March 12, 2012

2012 Miss Roadster Show

2012 Miss Roadster Show The Miss Roadster Show is always a great way to knock off the cobwebs from the winter cabin fever season.  And it's why I always hit up the Boise Roadster Show on Friday evening.  With the main staged crowded by a lot of people holding up their own video cameras, cell phones and cameras there were a lot of digital eyes on the stage to watch this year's 18 contestants strut their stuff on stage for an opportunity to take home a cash prize .

I was actually impressed with this year's turn out of contestants even if being honest some shouldn't have made the cut.  Yeah we should applaud them all for donning a skimpy (in most cases) bikini and parading around a large gathering of people they don't know while getting their picture taken from every angel.  Not to mention getting captured on video for a year.  But in a brutal world of bikini contests they just didn't make the cut of what one would consider a contestant to be.

2012 Miss Roadster Show
Granted there wasn't anything as bad as some of them from last year and some of the ladies from last year were back again.  Sophie, who took 2nd runner up last year, was back looking better than last year.  I really wanted to grab a picture of her in her dress she was wearing before the show but didn't get a chance because the dress made her look really hot compared to the bikini.  She also skipped the spiky heels from last year as well.

One contestant thought it would be a good idea to rock a retro 40's bikini which just came across looking outdated and out of place.  I think she could have probably pulled it off with one the nicer retro one piece swimsuits instead but her bikini just sucked ass in that setting.  And apparently my camera agreed as it lunched her video.  So you only see her in the contestant round up video.

2012 Miss Roadster Show I could really go on about all of the ladies but that would be pointless.  I know you all just want to see the pictures and the videos.  I really hate that there are not hottie Import Models but then I'm just really in the wrong place for that sort of thing.

This year was a bit of pain for me as I didn't have a sidekick helping me get pictures while I was filming so the pictures are limited and honestly not that great but the videos make up for I think.  You can check out the rest of the pictures in this Flickr set -- 2012 Miss Roadster Show.

As for the videos well here is a couple of them.  You can find the individual contestant videos on my YouTube channel up until next year's event as they'll be taken down then.

The Contestant Round up

And the winners of the 2012 Miss Roadster Show

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