Friday, March 16, 2012

All Japan Supercar Club Meeting

America may have it's Cars and Coffee thing but in Japan their exotic car club meetings simply kick ass as these guys gather regularly and drive their cars and for the most part they do it for a good cause.  Like this last weekend when the All Japan Supercar Club got together at the seaside resort area of Laguna Gamagori for the first meeting of the new year. It took place on the anniversary of the the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami and the even raised money for more relief efforts.

And when they say Supercar club they mean it.  China might have a lot of new shiny super cars out and about but in Japan you'll find a very unique collection of super cars ranging from a modded (yes modded) Zonda to old vintage Porsches with a wide range of moddified Lamborghinis and Ferraris in the mix.  And the one really ugly fish looking car, the Mitsuoka Orochi.  Seriously I see it all the time at these events and it always looks like an ugly fish car to me.

Of course with a large gathering like this there were plenty of Porsche 911s there as well and whoohoo a RAUH-Welt Begriff car made a return as well.  First time I've seen the Tunerhaus RWB993R car out and about since it had transmission issues after the Idlers enduro race last year.  That reminds me look forward to some up coming Idler's posts as the first race will be this weekend.  I also saw one of my other favorite Japanese Porsche cars there as well.  The black and orange Sunburst kitted 993 that I featured a while back was there too.  Interesting enough I found out recently that the builder ended up selling it and purchasing a pretty nice looking Skyline KPGC110 KenMeri car to work on instead.

And while it's not really a surprise some of the Campaign Girls who were at the Nagoyo Auto Trend show were also at this meeting taking pictures around cars and looking like they were enjoying themselves as well. They also answered the question how many cuties can you fit in a Ferrari....It's a lot.

Now that it's getting nicer outside I'm sure there will be more gatherings like this with videos and pictures posted up on the internets and while I may not cover all of them it's good to get out there and look for them once in a while.  You never know what kinda of cool exotic car goodies you'll find out there.

Here are some blog posts that I found with some great pictures and following that will be some videos that I've found as well.
Ameblo blog -- Minkara blog -- Minkara photoblog -- Minkara blog -- Minkara photoblog -- ALNORM
Minkara blog -- Minkara blog -- Minkara blog -- Minkara blog -- You wanted the best you got the best --
Minkara blog -- Minkara blog -- Minkara blog -- Minkara blog -- Minkara blog -- Fire Club Japan --

And the videos.  Some of the blogs above already have some videos in them so I wont post those just a few of the ones that I've found on YouTube.  You can find more at the link or this one -- HERE.

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