Friday, March 2, 2012

Nostalgic 2 days 2012

I always say that Japan has some of the best car shows on the planet and if you like unique old school Japanese automotive goodness than look no further than the Nostalgic 2 days (ノスタルジック2デイズ) car show.  A haven for old school Japanese car lovers.  And it's not just for the old school Japanese cars either.  You'll find all sorts of automotive goodness at the car show and this year one of the star attractions (movie star and hell you couldn't miss the damn thing) was a large colorful dekotora truck.

That dekotora truck was the one from the famous movie Torakku Yaro (Truck Rascals) and could be found in just about everyone's blog post about the car show.  It was hard to miss and could bee seen with it's lights running at times.

From the big to the small another star attraction was an original three wheel 1957 Daihatsu Midget which was the most popular mode of transportation for it's time. But I didn't care about any of that I was only interested in the smorgasbord of old school Skylines from the KPGC10 Hakosuka to the KPGC110 Ken&Mary that made up a large chunk of the show (along with their sedan brothers).

Rocky Auto was there with a few as well as their awesome collection of old school Fairlady cars as well.  But I was really enjoying that V8 powered monster but it wasn't the coolest Hakosuka at the show.  It looks like Carbon Fiber is fast coming to the Hakosuka market and taking some great advantage of that is the Garage R Hakosuka which was featured in a great article on 7Tune recently.  When it's finished it's going to be one sick bad ass Hakosuka with a huge sticker price to go with it. 

There was a strong showing of old school euros as well with the appearance of a few Porsche 911 cars as well as a matte olive green colored RUF car from Old Boy as well.  And there was even a display for My Favorite Carrera (Kanojo no Carrera) but instead of either of the Porsche cars there was a yellow Toyota Supra MkIII but I still wanted one of the displays they had up. 

But lets face it you're here to check out the pictures and there are plenty.  I rounded up a mighty fine collection from various international blogs and Minkara blogs.  A lot of which include many pictures of the dekotora truck. 

7tune --  Speedhunters part 0 --  Speedhunters part 1 --  Speedhunters part 2 --  Speedhunters part 3
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323 factory --  Random blog -- Just Do It -- Random blog --  Random blog --  Tak & Tak
Random blog --  They even had some ladies there as well -- 310 Tomy --  Random Blog --  Tein blog
Random blog --  Random blog -- Let's Go Garage -- Ken&Mary Owners Club --  Random Blog
Random Blog --  Random Blog --  Random blog -- JONSIBAL's post -- SteelBox

Of course what could be better than pictures but videos and here are a few that I've found
Racing Skylines

Canon FTW -- just one of the two old school Nissan Bluebird racers

That dekotora truck

More Hakosuka goodness

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