Thursday, April 5, 2012

2012 Idler's Games rd 1

A new year a new round of Idler's Games and the first event was held on March 18, 2012.  I know it's been some time since then but I was waiting for people to toss up their stuff so I could share it.  And time sort of just ran away from me.  In any case I thought I had better get a blog post about it up sooner rather than later.  So here we go.

The First round was held at the Fuji Speedway under Fuji Mt and like it was here the weekend event happened under very wet skies.  Which I'm sure made for some very slick and interesting racing on course.
As with all Idler's Games this was a very mixed field of cars and classes and while I'm always much more interested in the Porsche classes and most specifically the RWB cars there was some heavy action going on in the other classes as well.

Lets focus a little bit for now on the RAUH-Welt Begriff cars.  Nakai-san was there with his RSNUGURS car which at one point during the winter was for sale (don't know if it still is) but was sporting some new red highlighted bits like the fender wing and some interesting canards.  I was looking through the results (which you can find here Idlers's Games) and it looks his car didn't compete in the race.  But there were several other  RWB cars who did compete.  The red Number 4 car (now sporting a black stripe down the middle) was there as well as the Blossom Joker car that has a new owner and it's nice to see that he also likes racing the car.  The blue and white unnamed car was out as well.  Some other RWB regulars were there as well like the Bordeaux car, the AKG car (the one with the paw prints on it) and of course the Master Piece car was there as well.  Since it was so rainy and ugly outside there wasn't much in the way of press out and about.  So there's not a whole lot of pictures out there for the cars.

While I like checking out the RWB cars and the other Porsche cars you can't forget the other groups that are out there running.  There's always the classic Minis which honestly don't interest me at all but can be rather competitive in their own little group.  Than you have the recent addition of the Z car group which has really turned into a competitive group of racers.  Finishing things out are the euro makes and other Japanese GT cars.  You'll always find some thing interesting racing at Idler's Games even if you're like me and only interested in one of the groups racing.

Looking around I gathered some links from the various groups that include pictures and videos.  Watch the videos to see how hard it was to race out there.  Hopefully the next round, which looks like a 3hr enduro on April 8th, will take place under some nice cool sunny skies.  And hopefully we'll get some more media as well.

Porsche links --
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Z Car, Euro and Japanese GT classes
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Minkara Blog -- Minkara Blog -- Minkara Blog

Now for some videos

Believe this is the 9cup

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