Sunday, April 29, 2012

2012 RQ Team: Dechau Girls

Probably my second most favorite all time Race Queen team is the Dechau Girls Team for Team Aspeed who run the only British Car in the Super GT series the GT300 Aston Martin Vantage GT2.  The Dechau Girls (also known as DGRQ for short) always have a cool new outfit for the new year and this year isn't any different.  Granted this year's outfit is a little less racy than last year's.  The Dechau Girls Team is also probably one of the more marketed teams as well.

This year's four member team is comprised of Takako Tanaka (田中たかこ), Shiori (史織), Ayaka Takagi (高木綾香) and Honami Inoue (井上穂奈美).  While all of the lovely ladies have previous experience in the Race Queen/booth girl area I believe this is a first time for all of them to be a part of the Super GT experience.  And Dechau Girls spend a lot of time promoting the brand with Gravure DVDs (I believe it's the only team that does their own) and new this year are apps for phones both android and IOS systems (however, they are not compatible with my android phone...booo).  You can find the special site here -- DGRQ. You can also follow all the ladies at the offiical DGRQ blog.  Another interesting thing about the Dechau Girls is that typically they get driven around in a stretched Chrysler 300 Limo provided by Liberty Walk.  I don't know if they are doing that this year or not as I haven't seen or heard anything about it.  Thankfully thanks to their better marketing we typically see more of this team than any of the others which is A OK with me.

So let's check out the lovely Race Queens' stats....

Takako Tanaka Shiori Ayaka Takagi Honami Inoue
Birthplace: Okinawa Prefecture Osaka Prefecture Aichi Prefecture Kanagawa Prefecture
Birthdate: N/A N/A Aug 25, 1991 Nov 27, 1987
Blood Type: O N/A O O
Height: 169cm (5'5") 166cm (5'7") 164cm (5'6") 166cm (5'4")
Size: 84-58-86 (33-23-33)--- 82-59-90  (33-24-34)--- 86-59-90  (32-22-34)--- 78-54-81  (34-24-33)---

Now lets go look at some pictures.
DGRQ Rd 1 -- giogio -- Earth Order -- Random 1 -- Ussan'z Photo -- Random 2 -- Random 3 --
Random 4 -- Random 5 -- Random 6 -- Random 7

And of course a couple of videos

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