Saturday, April 21, 2012

2012 RQ Team -- Racing Miku

While last year was absent the rather popular RQ Team feature of 2010 I though I'd bring it back this year as my anime blog has been suffering a lack of Foxy Friday Features recently.  And lets be honest who doesn't like some lovely Race Queen action every now and then.  This year I'll also look at Race Queens from other events like D1 (Formula drift) and Super What ever the hell it's called Taikyu.  With that said what better way to start off the new round of RQ Team Features than with the lovely ladies of Team GSR & Studie with Team UKYO unofficially called Team Racing Miku.

Team Racing Miku is made up of two smaller teams for each car with two Race Queens per team.  For Team #0 we have Saki Tachibana (立花サキ) and Haruka Aoi (蒼井晴香).  For Team #4 we have Sena Kougami (鴻上聖奈) and Ayana Sato (佐藤彩奈).  Saki is returning this year as the 2012 Race Queen of the year which she won (in her UpGarage Race Queen outfit nonetheless) at the 2012 Tokyo Auto Salon. Haruka is another returning Racing Miku member from last year and the other two Race Queens are new to the team. Sena is a former Pacific Fairies Race Queen and it's Ayana's first time being a Super GT Race Queen. Although she is not new to the Race Queen circuit.

While not related to the Race Queens this year I did manage to finally become a personal sponsor of the GSR & Studie with Team UKYO when they opened it up to non-Japanese fans.  I even saw my name on the banners that they posted on their Facebook wall.

Lets check out the lovely ladies' stats
Saki Tachibana Haruka Aoi Sena Kougami Ayana Sato
Birthplace: Sendai Japan Miyazaki Prefecture Kanagawa Prefecture Kanagawa Prefecture
Birthdate: Nov 10, 1988 Sept 22, 1990 Sept 2, 1986 April 2, 1986
Blood Type: A B N/A AB
Height: 165cm (5'5") 172 (5'7") 168 (5'6") 160 (5'4")
Size: 83-58-84 (33-23-33)--- 83-61-86 (33-24-34)--- 82-57-86 (32-22-34)--- 86-60-83 (34-24-33)---

As always the Racing Miku team also has a lovely Hatsune Miku illustrated character created for the year and the team's Race Queen outfits try to replicate the character's outfit.  I definitely think this year's outfit is the best so far out of the ones that have come before.  As we have only had one race so far there just isn't a large assortment of pictures or videos of the ladies out there at the moment.  Nor have any of them found themselves gracing new photoshoots with the likes of RQ-Star or Top Queen and while that may change during the course of the year. and I'd suggest that you keep a lookout for new photos of them after each race as new stuff will surely show up.  

In the mean time you can find some from the first race at these locations.
RQ Gallery -- Set 1
Kurumaerabi -- Set 1, Set 2
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Here's a video

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