Thursday, April 26, 2012

Project Jetta: Part 10

New hotness... New GTi Steering Wheel The last Project Jetta post was in January but I've done a few things since then and never did a post about it and this weekend I'm planning on doing some more but I thought that might be to much for just one post so decided to do this one and then the next one on the following weekend when I get some more stuff done. It'll be big stuff to.  Interesting enough the list that I made on the last Project Jetta post has also gotten bigger even though I've finished a few of them already. Well that's what happens when you own an older car, especially an older VW.

So what have I accomplished since the last posting.  Well were to start other than with the list.  Took a while but I did finally change the ATF Fluid and filter (and made another Exxon Valdez like mess in the process ...FFFFUUUU).  While I was doing that I was wonder if I should leave the shield on that goes in front of the transmission or not and after going across a rain gutter and scraping something (FFFFUUUU...ouch) it went right back on minus to pain in the ass bolts.

OK I'll take one picture of the dirty JettaAnd that was the easy part of that job.  The same weekend I also changed the accessory belts as well and that was a huge pain in the ass.  Seriously they make changing those three belts a royal pain thanks to how everything is lined up under the car.  I also learned that there is supposed to be another splash guard there and for good reason.  After a bit of a struggle to get them all off it was another struggle to get them on.  A few weeks later it also turned out that I didn't tighten them enough as the belts began to squeal (they are starting to do it again) so I had to get in there again and re-tighten them and I found out the reason why is that there is one stripped out bolt that isn't allowing me to loosen the alternator to properly tighten it further.  So annoying but getting that fixed soon as well.

That's all I've done with the engine as of late but I've done a few other cosmetic things to the car as well since the last Project Jetta post.  None of them really worthy of their own post so I was saving them up and here we are.  Back when I got my tax refund I ordered up some smoked turn signals and banana side markers for the car.  The Banana side markers went on without any issue (probably should change to an amber light bulb though) however when it came to the turn signals a quick look at them and FFFFFFFUUUUU they didn't fit.  OK so really that was my fault for ordering them but I have a solution.  Get another bumper one with the right size signals.  Need a new rear bumper any ways as mine has a big gash in it.

'89 VW Jetta GLThen it was on to the back of the car.  A month of painting, sanding and repeating I painted the rear emblems on the car at first I was going to just go all black but after looking at it I had to change that idea for the Jetta GL emblem as you couldn't read it when it was all black.  In any case that was an easy enough project that I'm satisfied with even though I need a clay bar to clean up the paint around the emblem as it looks like crap now with the new emblems.

Also on the trunk I had found a nice GLI rear license plate surround (or whatever the hell you want to call it)  in the fall and I finally had a chance to put it on.  In hindsight I should have taken the locking part as well as mine is to big.  It fits but not properly.  In any case it was an easy install which didn't take more than an hour from start to finish to get it done. And it looks so much better than that faded black crap that I had going on before.  Still need to find a way to completely attach the license plate to it, currently it's only held on loosely by two screws.

Bent Steering WheelWith that it brings me to the last thing that I've done to the Project Jetta.  And that honor goes to the new awesome GTi steering wheel that I got in trade for taking pictures of a friend's Rocco and a half the other day.  I happened to have a rather large and bent steering wheel and I replaced it with the awesome steering wheel that you can see in the picture up at the top.  It surprised me though how easy it was to take the old one off and but the new one on.  Much easier than the old Lumina that required a special puller tool that I had to rent at Autozone.  With this though it was one nut and done. And it looks so much better.

And now we are all caught up with what I've been doing with the Jetta and I realized that it's now time to give her an oil change and airfilter change as well.  Damn money pit.  LOL.  I love it.


  1. Yeah I'd say the air filter needs replaced. I replaced it on April 8, 2011.

  2. And the oil was changed in November so that's not nearly as bad.


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