Wednesday, May 30, 2012

SRRSCCA AutoX Event 4 & 5

BMW M3 (e46)So event 6 & 7 is this coming weekend and I noticed that I haven't posted a blog about the last event.  Took me forever to finish the videos.  It's basically the rendering time and upload time taking forever...need faster computer and a fiberpipe internet speeds.  But the pictures were done by Wednesday.  I'll have to figure something better out and I was thinking I might change a few things as well.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Project Jetta: Part 11

'89 VW Jetta GLTime for another installment of Project Jetta.  This weekend (Memorial Day Weekend) I worked on the Jetta a little bit more fixing a few things doing some painting and wondering what I'm going to do about this and that.  I still have that annoying as all hell belt squeal that I can't get rid of just yet thanks to that damn bolt not wanting to budge. But at least I'm not worried about over heating the car or about some of the other issues that I had.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

RAUH-Welt world tour continues

As Nakai-san returns to his shop in Chiba to work on some home town cars we can take a look back at his latest world tour builds.  His latest 4 builds has seen Nakai-san back in California, on the sunny coast of Florida with a trip to Russia and Dubai for an even larger World Tour experience.  The order in which the cars were completed isn't important though.  While we take a look at the latest 4 builds one wonders where Nakai-san before off to next on his continuing world tour.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

2012 RQ Team: Green Tec & Leon With Shift Racing Ladies

It was a busy week last week so I was not able to get a new RQ Team feature up but we are back this week with the latest feature and this week we'll be checking out a new GT300 team that has entered I believe the first Mercedes car into the Super GT series with the new Mercedes Benz SLS GT3 machine which is being run by Team Green Tec & Leon with Shift.  The Race Queen team is a two member team called Green Tec & Leon with Shift Racing Ladies.

Friday, May 11, 2012

May's First Saturday

Porsche of BoiseWith Summer and nice sunny weekends on the horizon car groups are getting together.  For me that means a busy first Saturday of the month.  First we have the local Porsche Dealership and Porsche club morning Coffee and Cars meet followed by a mini drive.  In the afternoon we then have the Unnamed Treasure Valley Volkswagen Group mini meet.  There is other stuff going on as well but for me this is what I'm interested in. '

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

2012 Super GT Rd 1 -- Okayama

Well round two is this weekend so I best get something out there for the first round right.  Geez,  I kept thinking about it then I was waiting for something to show up on YouTube worth posting (what ever happened to the 10min digests that Super GT would put out, now it's only 3min long) and then I never watched it because I don't really want to be tied to the one screen for 3 hours (seriously were is my attention span).  So this post just sort of got tossed to the side much like last year but I promised that I would do better this year dang it so here is the worst SUPER GT rd 1 at Okayama blog post you'll read to date.  Just so I can catch up.

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