Sunday, May 13, 2012

2012 RQ Team: Green Tec & Leon With Shift Racing Ladies

It was a busy week last week so I was not able to get a new RQ Team feature up but we are back this week with the latest feature and this week we'll be checking out a new GT300 team that has entered I believe the first Mercedes car into the Super GT series with the new Mercedes Benz SLS GT3 machine which is being run by Team Green Tec & Leon with Shift.  The Race Queen team is a two member team called Green Tec & Leon with Shift Racing Ladies.

The two Race Queens that make up the team are two new comers to Super GT Race Queen stardom but have both come from modeling backgrounds.  They are Sari Kato (加藤紗里) and Arisa Nakashima (中島亜莉沙).  Sari comes to the team from a background in fashion modeling and a former promo model for Rockford while Arisa comes to the team from various "booth  babe" jobs.  Both ladies are represented by Style Corporation and you can find their respective profiles here -- Sari and Arisa.

Their Race Queen outfit is another black and silver set with a mini skirt and a jacket with a, for the lack of a better name, mini cape. Under the jacket it looks like there is a V neck halter top.  The outfit also has with fur lined thigh high boots and fur cuffs.  As the weather gets better I imagine the cape  if not the entire jacket will be removed not sure about those fury bits on the boots though. I guess we'll see as the year goes on.

Lets check out the ladies' stats

Sari Kato Arisa Nakashima
Birthplace: Hiroshima Gifu Prefecture
Birthdate: June 16, 1990 January 20, 1993
Blood Type: O A
Height: 167cm (5'6") 172cm (5'8")
Size: 86-56-81 (34-22-32) 80-58-86  (32-23-34)

With two races in the books there is a pretty good number of pictures out there for the ladies but never one of them has been featured in RQ-Star, Top Queen or Race Queen Club yet.  Here are the picture links that I've found so far.

Green Tec & Leon official blog
Green Tec & Leon official Facebook page
Kurumaerabi -- Sari, Arisa, pics 1, pics 2, and pics 3
Race Queen Photogallery -- pics 1 and pics 2
Live Door News Photo -- Sari Sari 2 and Arisa 1 Arisa 2
RANDOM BLOGS -- Outlap23, 11 Odyssey, Genken1971, Nissytak59 1, Nissytak59 2, Kosamaru,
takirari, S Week, Takkun1119, Tasoyagi and Race Queen TV

That's all I got for pictures and I was able to find some videos of the ladies as well.

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