Wednesday, May 2, 2012

2012 Super GT Rd 1 -- Okayama

Well round two is this weekend so I best get something out there for the first round right.  Geez,  I kept thinking about it then I was waiting for something to show up on YouTube worth posting (what ever happened to the 10min digests that Super GT would put out, now it's only 3min long) and then I never watched it because I don't really want to be tied to the one screen for 3 hours (seriously were is my attention span).  So this post just sort of got tossed to the side much like last year but I promised that I would do better this year dang it so here is the worst SUPER GT rd 1 at Okayama blog post you'll read to date.  Just so I can catch up.

First and foremost for me is how did my team that I'm rooting for do.  Well, like last year GSR & Studie with Team UKYO were able to get the #0 car on the podium in 3rd place.  The #4 car finished in 15th place (a typical finish for Bamba).  A very respectable place considering first was taken by one of the new Audi R8 LMS cars and second was taken by a Porsche 911.  It was a German Knock out that also saw a Porsche 911 in fourth and fifth place.  The first woman driver in Super GT in her first race kicked ass and finished 9th (see it can be done Danica).  You should follow her Facebook page yo.

Over in the big car GT500 series it was a damn close race with all of a little more than half a second separating 1st, which went to the Zent Cerumo SC430 machine, and the second place Raybrig HSV-010 machine. The Keihen HSV-010 machine claimed 3rd place as it twaddled across the line some 15 seconds later.

You can visit the official SUPER GT site to see more information about the race here -- Rd 1 Okayama.

And if you have the time you can check out the race in all it's glory for the time being (when it's gone it's gone) here in three parts.  And hey I told you it would be the worst Super GT post you've ever read.

Super GT rd 1 part 1

Super GT rd 1 part 2

Super GT rd 1 part 3

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