Friday, May 11, 2012

May's First Saturday

Porsche of BoiseWith Summer and nice sunny weekends on the horizon car groups are getting together.  For me that means a busy first Saturday of the month.  First we have the local Porsche Dealership and Porsche club morning Coffee and Cars meet followed by a mini drive.  In the afternoon we then have the Unnamed Treasure Valley Volkswagen Group mini meet.  There is other stuff going on as well but for me this is what I'm interested in. '

The Porsche club's Cars and Coffee event in May was the first event that they've had of this kind and had a pretty good turn out for how cold it still was in the morning.  I heard about it and of course left work and went straight to the dealership to catch any early birds but I was the first one there so snapped some pictures of the new pair of Porsche 991 Carrera S cars the dealership had on hand.  They had their Black Demo car and added a white cabriolet to the inventory.  A pretty good line up of various models of 911 cars showed up with a handful of Boxsters and Cayman tossed in for good measure.  I enjoyed taking pictures but boy did I ever FUBAR the drive out pictures using the way wrong setting for the camera (left it set from when we did the rolling shots of the Scirocco).  I didn't go on the drive as I needed to get home and into bed if I was going to make the VW meet in the afternoon.  The next event will be on June 2 and you can believe I'll be there again with Camera in hand and I imagine that there will be even more cars too.  You can check out the pictures from the first event here -- Porsche Cars & Coffee.

VW MK4 Golf GTiAfter a good snooze it was off to meet up with a bunch of Dub heads for a little get together and snacking.  We met up in the parking lot of Cabella's and from there we headed downtown to a place I've never been called Fancy Freeze which had some good burgers and shakes.  I also took some pictures there and met some nice people even though my shyness still kept me from talking to a lot of people I didn't know.  Like the Porsche event the next one is scheduled for June 2 as well.  Hopefully I'l have something cool done to the ol' Jetta by then as well to show off.  In any case you can check out the pictures from that event here -- VW get together.

Now this Saturday is another all inclusive Euro meet open to any European car branch called the Bureau of Euro meet and this will be the second one that I've attended.  This time out we're having a BBQ in the park and I'll be taking the camera to that as well.  Don't know if we'll be doing any rolling shots again this time.  I enjoyed that last time and want to do more. I don't know if I ever posted the pictures from last time on the blog.  I know I posted them on the Facebook page which if you haven't checked out you should.  Here are the pictures from the last event -- Bureau of Euro.

Until next month.

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