Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Project Jetta: Part 11

'89 VW Jetta GLTime for another installment of Project Jetta.  This weekend (Memorial Day Weekend) I worked on the Jetta a little bit more fixing a few things doing some painting and wondering what I'm going to do about this and that.  I still have that annoying as all hell belt squeal that I can't get rid of just yet thanks to that damn bolt not wanting to budge. But at least I'm not worried about over heating the car or about some of the other issues that I had.

Since the last Project Jetta update I visited Chuck at RMF again and had a discussion about the Thermoswitch for the fans and the electrical plug that goes to and that the car was reaching temperatures in 3/4 mark on the gauge.  First of all he told me that mine looks better than most as it's a very common problem with these cars and the leaking Power Steering system.  So yeah didn't need to worry about replacing that.  He also told me that normally the cars would run at that Temperature and my old thermostat must have had a colder setting.  So stopped worrying about that and just focused on replacing the switch which I did on Saturday.  Wasn't actually that hard of a project really.

'89 VW Jetta GLI also spent some time in there cleaning up the other wiring that was also covered in Power Steering fluid gunk.  That's when I found the relay for the radiator fan and A/C was also toast.  I'll be picking on of those up here in the next few days as they are not expensive and I'd rather have a new one than try and get lucky at the junk yard.  While I was also under the hood I checked the motor on my windshield wiper fluid pump and it's fine so I'm going to have to replace the windshield wiper stalk as it now doesn't activate the fluid pump any more and likes to blow fuses when you turn it on to the first speed.  I don't know if it'll be better to buy a new one or try the junk yard but Chuck said also just try cleaning it first and seeing if that doesn't help it.

'89 VW Jetta GLWith that done I decided to take a look at my shift lever which has been loose for some time.  Took it off and noticed that it had been torn down the middle.  I tore it a bit more so that I could get some glue into the area clamped it down with some vice grips and left it to dry.  Over did it a bit with the glue and some of it got on the out side so it doesn't look all that great but I was able to tighten it back down and I have a solid shifter knob on the car now.  Will have to do something about the residue that was left over from the glue.

With that all done it was time to finally take off that lower front body panel bang out the dent and paint it matte black.  The rubber lip was a complete write off though it was trashed and just to bent out of shape to go back on properly.  So I'll be looking for a new one of those or making something cool.  I'd like a smaller black aluminum piece to go across just the front like on older Japanese Skylines.  I think that would be bad ass.  It actually didn't take long to take it off scrub it down paint it and put it back on.  Without the rubber lip on though it looks pretty lame especially with the Transmission plate hanging down below the body piece.  I went out and took some pictures of the new look but honestly I don't care much for the pictures this time around I didn't like the location after all.  I think it was because the car and background were both mostly white.  In any case the rest of the pictures from the weekend can be found in the usual place -- Project Jetta.

As for me this is it for a while but the most likely next project will be refreshing the trim pieces.  Also I might have a line on some OK looking snowflakes but since I'll probably be getting those a couple at a time it might be some time before I get them on the car with new tires. Oh actually one last thing while it doesn't really do anything I measured the car's height at each wheel and there is about a 3/4 inch difference between the driver side (lower) and the passenger side and from front to back as well.

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