Wednesday, May 23, 2012

RAUH-Welt world tour continues

As Nakai-san returns to his shop in Chiba to work on some home town cars we can take a look back at his latest world tour builds.  His latest 4 builds has seen Nakai-san back in California, on the sunny coast of Florida with a trip to Russia and Dubai for an even larger World Tour experience.  The order in which the cars were completed isn't important though.  While we take a look at the latest 4 builds one wonders where Nakai-san before off to next on his continuing world tour.

Lets head to Russia first as we take a look at the the latest RWB964R.  This cars build was really well documented, in Russian.  So a bit of translating was in order.  The owner Egor is 25 and has a rather nice collection of cars including a Gemballa 993TT.  He has been trying to get a RWB built for two years.  Even though the car received the race treatment (cage, gutted interior) the engine is stock minus a chip and exhaust upgrade (if the translation can be trusted).  My only problem with the car is that the car looks a lot like Shinji's Good Hills Speed car.

You can read all about the car's build and Nakai-san's adventure in Russia at Low Daily but unless you can read Russian Google Translate is your friend or bing if that's your thing. Holy Update Batman found a video from Low Daily showing a little bit of the build.  Check below for the video.

The second of the four cars that we'll take a look at will take us back to the the Fatlace garage (I can hear my friend grumbling about hellaflush and Fatlace now) where it was decided that they needed to build a daily driven street version as a demo car for RWB-USA.  This new  RWB993S is based on a 1995 C2 with all it's interior intact along with a RS Whailtail (YES!) and gorgeous Maritime blue paint job.  The black ill rock guards are a cool touch as well. The car is called ЧАЙХОНА after a bar that Nakai-san enjoyed while he was in Russia.  There are plans to do some upgrading on it like a new 2-way LSD and a new RWB in house exhaust.

The funny thing about the announcement of this car is that the conversation went from people constantly complaining about to much wing to people complaining about not enough wing or oh god why doesn't this one have a roll cage and gutted interior.  It's not a RWB if it doesn't look like example X.  Of course I think that just means that those people don't have the slightest clue about RWB and are only there to nutswing on the latest car trend that everyone else likes.   You can read about the latest Fatlace build here -- RWB993S

Let's leave California now and head over to the Sunny East coast of Tampa Florida for look at the 5th US built RWB car.  An as yet named RWB993R that comes with both the big GT banana wing and a RS Whailtail spoiler that the owner can switch between if he wants.  The owner Chad documented the build on Rennlist forum (which you need to be logged into to see the pictures) which is a rather interesting read as you get to see somewhat the process that goes from I want a RWB car to actually having Nakai-san building your car.  The build was also covered by Titan Motorsports on their blog as well.  The owner plans on upgrading the 3.6L engine to either a Turbocharged 3.8L or a NA 4.0L engine but mentions that even with the larger tires and added bits that the car doesn't seem any less capable than it did before it went under the knife.

With just the last new build to go we are off to Dubai for the next RWB993R which comes with two names. The first name Dark Romantic is named after the owner's dark skinned wife.  You'll actually find that name on two cars, this one and on Nakai-san's Idlers race car as well.  The second name and the one I think is more appropriate for the car is Neo Japonesque.  The car is based on a '97 993 Turbo S and is done up in gloss black and gold.  Again you'll find a bit more interior here with carbon fiber dash (thankfully replacing the ugly wood trim) and alcantara lined interior.   Not only did Crank and Piston get to watch the build process but the owner handed their reporter the keys to take the car for a bit of a joy ride to feel it out.  Something that makes me really jelly of course.

Thanks to these in-depth looks at the cars and how they handle on the street and even more owner feed back I think more people will be able to look at these cars not just as hardcore race cars and hard parkers like many people assume they are but also as cars capable of handling day to day driving.  And also it gives them a better look as to why these cars are so special.  It takes Nakai-san some 5 days (as long as the car is prepped and painted) to build a car and is an experience that lasts a lifetime.

Here's a video from Lowdaily about the build from Russia.

Here is a video of Neojaponesque

Here is a video of ЧАЙХОНА

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