Wednesday, May 30, 2012

SRRSCCA AutoX Event 4 & 5

BMW M3 (e46)So event 6 & 7 is this coming weekend and I noticed that I haven't posted a blog about the last event.  Took me forever to finish the videos.  It's basically the rendering time and upload time taking forever...need faster computer and a fiberpipe internet speeds.  But the pictures were done by Wednesday.  I'll have to figure something better out and I was thinking I might change a few things as well.

The event it self was good once again I only went to the Sunday event but you can check out the results of event 4 as well if you'd like to keep score.  As event 4 was on May 5 one of my friends flew his Mexican flag off the antenna of his Mazda RX-7.  Heard it was a hoot to watch and wish I had pictures and video but yeah that's life.  As for event 4 well as things go the track layout was amazing with two long slalom sections and two loops one inside the other.  As we were at the Expo Center parking lot again the elevation changes caused some excitement as cars with hard suspension settings were getting unsettled going over some of the different changes.

Mazda RX-8It was also a much nicer day to film as well compared to the last event I went to.  There wasn't as much wind as last time and the sun was out but it was still cool enough to not make life harsh standing out on the tarmac while filming.  I also remembered to tape a piece of foam to the mic on the camera this time as well which helped in some part to cut down on the wind noise but if you got the camera aimed just right sure enough the wind blew threw it at an odd angle making a crappy sound on the videos.

While watching the videos while I worked on them I realized that the way I film it following the car the whole way around the course makes it look like the car isn't going as fast as it really is.  Perspective sucks.  After riding along last year and talking to people the videos just don't feel like it does driving or riding along.  So I'm going to try a few different things at this next event to see if I can get some of that speed back.

Porsche 911Speaking of cars there were a good number of new drivers and cars out at the Sunday event a couple regulars that haven't been out yet this year were back and there were a few new BMW cars.  I liked the E46 M3 that came out for it's first time.  Looked awesome even if it wasn't the fastest thing out there.  You can see the results from Round 3 here -- EVENT 4 and the results for Round 4 here -- EVENT 5.

This upcoming event on Sunday will be out at the Idaho Center were I really like filming and I'll be a bit more prepared than last time as I ordered a new battery charger for the video camera (batteries keep dying on me in the middle of the day) and I'll be improving on the foam wind noise killer hopefully.  If everything works out I should have some better videos this next time around.  I just hope it doesn't take me two weeks to finish them.

You can find the videos here -- YouTube Chanel
You can find the rest of the pictures here -- AutoX Set

Here's a few sample videos from the event.

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