Thursday, June 28, 2012

2012 Bogus Basin Bacchanalia

Porsche 911 TurboAnother year and another trip up Bogus Basin rd in the Jetta to watch a bunch of Porsche cars tear up the top section in a hillcross event called the Bogus Basin Bacchanalia.  The hillcross is only one event of the weekend long festivities that the Silver Sage PCA chapter puts on during the Bogus Basin Bacchanalia.  But for me the hillcross is the important one for what I'm able to do (since I don't own a Porsche).  Tossed all the camera gear in the Jetta and headed up early in the morning and had a nice leisurely drive up Bogus Basin Rd  in the Jetta and got ready to take some pictures and videos for the day.

Thankfully this year with the new camera and editing software I'm not uploading 100 20second video clips.  In total there were 17 cars that made the trek up the mt to participate in  the hillcross event.  The event was split into two run groups.  One for the morning then we would have lunch (boxed lunches by Chandlers Steakhouse, yum yum) followed by the second run group in the afternoon. Some of the cars were in both run groups with different drivers.  Each car in the run group got five runs up Bogus Basin Rd for their fastest times.

Porsche 911 GT2
I was thrilled to see my favorite local 930 Turbo showed up but after his fourth run his engine developed issues cutting his day a little short (glad it wasn't his first run).  And while he did a sub 2 minute run up the hill with his fastest trap speed hitting 94mph he wasn't the fastest.

That honor went to a 996 GT2 out of Bend, OR, the driver had heard about the event and decided to check it out.  His fastest time was 1 minute 54 seconds and change with a top trap speed of 96mph.   Not sure if that's a new record or not but it was sure fast and really really load. I loved it. As for the other 15 cars it was a grab bag of various 911 models, Boxster/Cayman models and even the occasional FR cars like the 944 Turbo and the return of the mangled 944 from last year.

Porsche 911GT3
The hillcross event seems to claim a car every year last year it was a 944 that swapped ends and rear-ended a guard rail, this year a early model year 911 side swiped a retaining wall and took out his driver side fender and bumper as well as a lot suspension damage.  I was conflicted as to whether or Not I should take pictures of the wreck but decided against it.  I thought it was rather interesting that the windshield broke but instead of shattering all over the place simply just popped out and landed about 15 feet away from the car.

That was the biggest mishap of the race although a few cars had some "moments" as one of the other drivers called them everyone came down the hill safe and sound and in one piece.  Even the Jetta did a wonderful job of getting down the hill but I did find that the rear end with the old suspension that I have on the car likes to try and come out from behind.  Had a few oops going to fast moments myself on the way down.

Porsche 911 Targa
All in all the days events were great I got a little burned saw filmed and videotaped a lot of Porsche cars.  You can find the pictures that I took during the day here -- 2012 BBB.  It also includes two pictures of the time sheets for the two run groups. 

[UPDATE] Finished uploading all the videos and you can find them on my YouTube channel here -- BBB videos.

Here are the videos that I liked.  I filmed a couple of the drive down parade laps and put them all into one longer than usual video (It's 7 minutes long!)

Here's the 930 turbo on the second video section you'll have to watch for the big fireball that he spits out.

Here's is that 996 GT2

There was also a 997 GT3 there as well that I liked.

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