Tuesday, June 26, 2012

2012 Bus Pilots Association Family Reunion Car Show

VW RabbitAh yes summer brings the warm weather and the car shows.  And once again I headed out to a Nampa, ID park to take in the sites and sounds of the valley's best and not so best Volkswagens of all types and shapes.  That means it's time for the Bus Pilots Association's Family Reunion car show.  And while this is a show mostly for the bugs and buses there were a few extra things that I liked.  Heck there was even a Porsche 356 there as well.

Since I wiped myself out doing the Hillcross the day before I didn't stay long at the car show in fact I could only manage a couple hours of walking around taking pictures and I had to get out of there before my leg totally gave out on me.  So I got there pretty early about when it was supposed to start and saw a lot of things roll in and by the time I left a couple hours later there weren't many people showing up any more so I decided to call it good at that point.

Rat Bug
There was of course a big turn out of Bugs of various degrees of restoration or ratdrod looking.  There was a ratbug that was chopped down to a speedster looking thing with huge rear tires and no font fenders.  I honestly didn't know if I liked it or hated it.  It was even right hand drive.  I overheard the owner saying he had barely got it running that morning in time to drive it over and how he had a hard time dealing with driving with it being right hand drive.

And of course you can't have a VW car show without the buses especially when it's hosted by the Bus Pilots Association so there was also a very large collection of various buses and campers.  Last year I took the time to look up what they all were but this year I just couldn't be bothered and just labeled them all vans...LOL yeah maybe I'll change that one of these days but not now.

Porsche 356
Of course I would find the one lone Porsche 356 siting under the trees and I had to droll a little bit as it was pretty original and in good quality.  But still I don't know I was looking for some new stuff and I finally got to the water cooled section which had a lot less showing this year than last year.  Had to LOL at the bone stock MK7? Jetta that some old lady was showing.  Most boring car there really.  But then we got to the MK6 GTi Golf and the Mk4 Golf GTi both great cars I liked the older one better as it had camo patterned upholstery and engine bay bits.  I saw earlier a slammed Mk1 Rabbit in the parking area and it eventually showed up in the show and I liked it but damn not that low and damn I want it's front chin spoiler for my Jetta but I looked and it's a MK1 model only thing and I think it would be some serious work to get it to work on the Jetta.

VW Golf GTi
In any case I came, I saw, I took pictures (you can find them here -- 2012 Bus Pilots Family Reunion car show) and I left before the heat and walking around killed me.   Maybe next year I'll have the Project Jetta closer to being somewhat show worthy and hopefully the show wont all on a weekend that has other cool shit happening at the same time so that I can so that I can actually put the car in the show.  Not like I'd win anything but it would be fun to enter the Jetta I think.  Well until then I guess.

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