Monday, June 18, 2012

Autocross Event 7

Honda S2000So it takes about two weeks from the autocross event to the final upload of the last video with the new camera and editing setup.  Add a few days for me to get off my ass and post about it and we have about three weeks from event to blog post.  Jeez I gotta get better about this or get a faster better computer and speedier internets.  In the mean time here is the latest Autocross event from June 3. 
 Event 6 and 7 were held the first weekend of June at the Idaho Center in Nampa ID.  I really like this lot because I can stay off course in the grass and hide behind trees for shade.  It keeps me cool and I don't need to bother people needing a spotter.  It's just to bad we can't have more events here but that's something nobody can do anything about.

The course for Sunday was interesting and allowed me to do a little bit different filming instead of chasing the car the entire time I would hold off on zooming in and allow the car to traverse from one side of the screen to the other, did this in the hopes that it'll make the cars look faster.  Of course I found that the tripod didn't want to help out in doing this as the first movement would stick making the video look jerky anytime I started moving the camera.  Discovered that I needed to loosen the fluid head screw just a touch more.  It worked fine when I was constantly moving the camera but the stop and start was bad.  Fixed that for next time.

Mazda MiataBecause the event got a bit of a late start.  Mostly because people were still messing around with the course set up.  In the middle of the first run group it was decided that they would do 5 runs and done. Meaning that's all the runs they would get for the day.  I didn't know that until the middle of the second run group so I didn't get a lot of videos from the cars in the first run group.

The second run group had a bit of a whoops moment when one of the cars running on cold R comps missed a turn and hit a curb. Thankfully there wasn't much damage done to the car (curb just kinda said...meh, what was that?) and it was able to finish it's runs just minus some lower lip.

Tesla Roadster RIt was getting hot by the third run group but the shade from the tree a cooler filled with ice cold Mt Dew and water were keeping me going though and I was able to finish out the day get a ton of videos that would take me two weeks to finish uploading (believe me I was thinking about that at the end of the day going do I really want to film this it's another video that will take two hrs to do) so that you can watching them.

The pictures took two days to edit and upload thanks to having Monday off work.  You can find them all in this set on Flickr -- AutoX June 3, 2012.

You can find the results from the events here -- Round 6 and Round 7

As for the videos you can find them in the usual place on my YouTube channel -- Gregory_gdp

Here's a couple of them.

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