Sunday, June 10, 2012

Porsche Coffee and Cars -- June

Porsche DriveSo last weekend was the second of hopefully many Porsche Coffee and Cars Drive Events and once again I headed out to the dealership to snap some pictures.  This time around I was also invited to ride along on the drive. And thanks to Forza 4 keeping me up in the mornings for the previous week I was actually wide awake and ready to go.

These events are shorter drives lasting about an hour there and back.  This week the group which started out with 17 various Porsche models headed up to Idaho City with about 10 of those continuing up to Lowman ID and returning from there.

Porsche DriveI was a passenger in the lead car so I didn't get very many drive pictures but I was in a fully modified and built early 80's 911 Targa that was fast and agile.  Which was great until you got stuck behind some annoying driver who was going slightly below the posted speed limit but wouldn't pull off to the side to let the 17 faster cars behind them by.  Thankfully the group finally hit a two lane uphill passing zone and everyone was able to get by the slow moving van that may or not have had a slightly intoxicated driver (or who just really sucked at driving) behind the wheel.

We also happened upon a bike race as well on this day while they didn't slow us down their support vehicles did.  Thankfully there were some clear spots in between Idaho City and Lowman to open up the cars a bit.  The view was also still very nice and green thanks to our rather odd seasonal conditions.  I really should have brought the video camera as well but I don't know the speed limit wasn't exactly adhered to at all times so that could have been an issue in the legality part of things.

Porsche DriveAt the stop in Lowman we had lunch and talked about cars and planes (apparently there are a lot of guys who are pilots or where pilots in their lifetimes and they all had cool stories to tell, I just sat and listened) While the food was good the service was SLOW and hell for 59 cents extra for onion rings you'd think they would give you more than 4.  Seriously I got 4 largish onion rings and I think the other guy who ordered onion rings as well got 3.  Oh and then they guy didn't have any change so I had to chance using the CC (I don't get out a lot so there's a chance it could have gotten flagged for fraud) instead.  So he got a dollar tip.

Porsche DriveThe gentleman that I rode up with had to leave early so I rode back to Boise with another gentleman in his 997 Carrera.  Such a night and day difference between the two cars.  The ride back had a lot less traffic and a lot less bikers on the rode as well.  And I still got home before 3 pm (a lot of that time was spent on lunch).

I started on the pictures but soon enough sleep was calling my name and I drifted off.  I did get the pictures edited and put up on flickr in the early morning while I was getting ready for the next day's autocross event.  You can find the rest of the pictures from the event in this set -- June's Porsche Coffee and Cars.

And yes I did really like that there where a few 930 Turbo's there at the event.  Apparently the dealership has one right now that they got in on trade but they need to do a little work on it before it goes to a new home.  And there are a few homes looking to invite it to stay there as well.

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