Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Project Jetta: Part 12

'89 VW Jetta GLWow already updating the Project Jetta.  Well actually I've ended up doing a lot of little things here and there on the Jetta since last time.  I did FINALLY get the belt mostly fixed so there is little belt squeal anymore.  Basically I need to get a new belt now since this one is so trashed.  I've also changed the oil and in doing so found the mystery block.  I also smoothed out the ride and got rid of some noise vibrations.  And I also made the Jetta look just a little bit better. That in a nut shell is what I've done to the Jetta since last time.

About that damn accesory belt squeal.  It had been just getting progressivily worse and worse day and day.  Even to the point where I was smelling burnt rubber.  So I check it out and noticed that I was also tossing little metal flakes around.  I tried everything to get that damn bolt out.  From two pairs of needle nose vise grips to drenching the damn thing in some serious lubricants.  Then I whacked it with the dead weight hammer and it fell down.  OK it was still loose I just couldn't lift it up.  That's when I did some thinking.

'89 VW Jetta GLI realized what I needed to do is get some leverage to pull the alternator up and back at the same time and I could do that if I had something attached to the alternator and that's when I got the great idea to take the adjustment screw and thread it into the other side so that when I tightened it it pulled the alternator up and to the back tightening the alternator belt.  HELLYA!  Finally got the belt tight.  After a bit of thinking I also was able to loosen the bolt without letting the alternator drop back down.  So yeah that's how I finally fixed that damn annoying squeal.  I still get a squeak from it when I start the car but I'm pretty sure that's just because the damn belt is destroyed now.  When it's warm it doesn't squeak at all.

While I was doing that project I also was changing the oil for the second time I've had the car.  Much easier this time around without the power steering hoses getting in the way and knowing how the oil is going to come out.  Ended up not spilling all that much oil on the garage floor.  What I had forgotten is that the lid on the oil drip pan isn't tight and if you fill it to full it leaks.  And that's how the oil got on the garage floor.  While I was under there I found the mystery block that people have talked about.  I thought about removing but I found out that it's actually a counter weight to the drive axle and is meant to keep the subframe that it's attached to from vibrating.  So I'm just going to leave it on.  I'd do better to just remove the stupid A/C parts if I wanted to save more weight.  But I'd really like to have A/C at some point.

Before I fixed all this earlier in the week I found out that my exhaust system had lost another rubber exhaust
hang and it was banging on everything while I was driving around.  So a quick trip to Bowwow and a couple new hangers later I was ready to get down and dirty replacing them.  On my MK1 Jetta the holding points for the hangers were wielded to the car and it made getting those hard rubber hangers on them so damn hard to do.  However on this MK2 Jetta they are bolted on and made the job so freaking easy.  Just changing that  made a huge improvement to the sound of the car driving around.

Now we are back to this last weekend and after changing the oil in the car fixing the belt and giving the car a bath I decided that I'd tackle the issue of repainting the body trim in black. I've been amassing a large collection Kiwi Black Shoe dye for a while and I had picked up a bottle of wax and tar remover so I got down to testing out a couple body panel trim pieces to see if it would live up to the hype.  And it did so I finished off the rest of the trim on Sunday morning before I went to my parents for Father's Day.  So far it's looking good and it's had several days to back in the sun to hopefully cure it to the rubber molding so that it doesn't run off.  It definitely needs another coat of the black dye though for sure.

One thing I did notice as I was painting the trim is that I had a inside corded tire that needed to be replaced ASAP and I did that yesterday.  Got a price quote for a new tire and it would be $59 for a new tire so I went down and checked with RMF about a good used tire and with it all said and done I walked away yesterday afternoon with a new to me tire on the Jetta for $41 after I got it mounted on my rim.  Not a bad savings really and that really improved the road nose and driving of the Jetta as well.

I'm thinking after I do the Porsche Hill Climb this weekend the next project I need to do will be the brakes for sure though and hopefully at work we'll be getting those two big bonuses that will allow me to do that and  finally get some new suspension parts for the Jetta.

Well that's it for this installment of Project Jetta.

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