Sunday, July 15, 2012

2012 Northwest Motorfest

Porsche 911 CarreraWow it was hot this morning when I headed down to the Expo center to check out this year's Northwest Motorfest.  Billed as the largest automotive show in Boise I think it kinda missed the mark this year or it could just be because it was Sunday morning and there was a freak rain shower the night before.  In any case I've come to expect to see a lot of the same old same old at many of the local big car shows and that's in large part what I found.
There are a few cars that I don't mind seeing year after year like the blue Porsche 911 Carrera.  I meant to track the owner down and invite him out to the Porsche Coffee and Cars events but I never did see him out there.  I did run into Mr. Viper from autocross who brought his Viper to the show and did the hole shot event like many of the other entrants.  In fact that's were a good portion of the cars for the show were at any given time.  Lined up to do the hole shot 60 foot street light drag. 

Datsun 510At least that's something that the Northwest Motorfest has going for it is the many extra little events.  I also checked out the rockcrawling event.  Space was limited so it wasn't that exciting to watch really unless you were really into that scene.  They also had child gokart racing which I heard but didn't check out.

While I was running around checking out the Military vehicle exhibit, various muscle cars of past and present, Mexican style lowriders, offroaders and the occasional euro ride I couldn't help but notice that while it's in large part a muscle and hotrod show it's open to anything, and everything shows up.  Just wish some better examples of some of the scenes would show up.

VW Jetta GliEven though it was definitely a lot of the same old same old there were a few nice new things there as well.  Even if I did have to go out side the show to see some of them.  I really did like the well done Datsun 510 and it'll be out at the Import Revolution show as well so hopefully I can get some pictures of it with everything closed.  Of course I liked the lone repeat 911 like I mentioned before but I also found some cool Jetta's out in the parking lot.  Nice.

Of course I took pictures and you can find them here on this set -- 2012 Northwest Motorfest.

On the way home I was damn thankful that I had fixed the A/C the day before as it was a damn cool ride home on an already hotter than heck day at noon.  Yes I love the fact that I finally have cold A/C in the Jetta.  First car that I've owned that had it and it worked.  Tomorrow some pictures and I'll get a new Project Jetta post up about it all. 

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