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2012 RQ Team: Bomex&Verity JLOC GALS

It's been a a while since out last RQ Team post and that's totally my fault I keep getting busy doing other things that I just don't have a lot of time to go hunting down Race Queen stuff.  In any case this time around we are looking at one of the three JLOC Lamborghini GT300 teams.  And I'm starting with arguably the cutest of the three teams, the Bomex & Verity JLOC Gals which is also the smallest of the four JLOC teams at only three members.

The team is made up of the lovely Kana Arai (荒井嘉奈), Yurie Asada (浅田ゆりえ) and Kanae Nishimura (村西加奈恵).  All three ladies are former Race Queens two from Super GT and Kana comes from Super Taikyu.  This year the ladies are all supporting the #86 car in GT300 which is a Lamborghini Gallardo RG-3 unfortunately after three rounds the Bomex & Verity JLOC team is in dead last position and have only participated in one round so far.  They're in company with three other teams, point wise, and two of which are fellow JLOC teams.

This year at least all the teams have different outfits and this year the Bomex outfit is looking pretty spiffy with white booty shorts with see through sides (seems to be the hot thing this year), halter top/mini jacket combo featuring red and white colors along with white and red lace up knee high boots.  Definitely a nice outfit befitting some lovely ladies.  But I know you're really here for pictures and videos so lets get on with some links for the ladies. Guess I should do their figures as well.

This is also the first time we have one of the ladies being featured in the many Pro Race Queen photo and video sites.  Yurie Asada has been featured in RQ-star (swimsuit) and TopQueen (dress).  Kana Arai has been featured in RQ-Star (swimsuit, swimsuit, office lady) as well.  Kanae Nishimura hasn't been featured in anything new this year yet though. (If the links die, well it was great when it lasted)

Before we get to the rest of the links how about we check out the lady's stats (does this look better than the earlier ones?)

--------------- Kana Arai Yurie Asada Kanae Nishimura
Birthplace: Saitama Prefecture Tochigi Prefecture Osaka Prefecture
Birthdate: July 5, 1993 Aug 1, 1987 July 7, 19??
Blood Type: A O B
Height: 166cm (5'5") 169cm (5'7") 168cm (5'6")
Size 86-58-85cm (34-23-33) 80-58-85cm (31-23-33) 82-57-86cm (32-22-34)

Personal Blogs
Kana Arai -- Yurie Asada -- Kanae Nishimura

BOMEX Video -- livedoor photo -- allabout -- RQ Gallery -- RQ Gallery -- RQ Gallery -- kurumaerabi --

Photosen --  Kazufumimy -- Fuma125 -- mu-mu713 -- hokuve -- SaveJapan2011 -- Fuma125 -- ussan-style -- comet-hara1029 -- takumi45 -- ser-wish -- gio-t2 -- neo-glory -- sato-3100 -- imahashi2 -- kangaimuryou -- takumi45 -- nissytak59 -- maron-f1 -- nissytak59

I've only been able to find this one video so far from the second round with also had a few other ladies hanging out as well.

Granted if you search for the individual lady's name you'll find plenty of stuff from their other Race Queen gigs like Yurie's work with FLEX.

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