Sunday, July 22, 2012

2012 RQ Team: D'station Fresh Angels

Back again a week before the next Super GT race with the lovely Race Queens from team D'station Fresh Angels.  A four member Race Queen team that supports the Super GT GT500 team of Kondo Racing who race the D'station Advan GT-R car #24.  So far the team hasn't done all that well but we still have several more rounds to go before anything can be said about that.  But we're here for those four lovely Race Queens anyways.

And those four lovely Race Queens are Airi Sasaki (佐崎愛里), Sakura Chiba (千葉さくら), Chihiro Ando (安藤ちひろ) and Chikako Tsugawa (津川智香子) of the four Race Queens only one of them is new to the Tarmac runway and that's Sakura Chiba. Airi Sasaki and Chikako Tsugawa are both former Rire Racing Gals and Chihiro Ando is a former Pacific Fairies Race Queen. This year the ladies are all sporting the new D'station Fresh Angels outfit rocking a green frilled miniskirt, midriff revealing jacket and frilled halter top combo in white with green and red highlights. Rounding out the number are some thigh-high white boots (which as someone pointed out are actually just high heel shoes with coverings that make them look like thigh high boots) and green headband which completes the outfit.

Most of D'station Fresh Angel Race Queens have been featured on the pro race queen websites.  In fact 4K-Star started with several sets of Airi Sasaki in and out (ie in a swimsuit) of her Race Queen outfit.  Sakura Chiba is making up for her freshman status by being featured on TopQueen while Chirihiro Ando was also featured on TopQueen but so far only at the beginning of year as a Pacific Fairies Race Queen.  

If you would like to know more about the race queens and D'station you can check out their individual personal blogs here.
D'station -- Airi Sasaki -- Sakura Chiba -- Chihiro Ando -- Chikako Tsugawa

Now lets check out the Race Queens' stats before getting to the rest of the picture and video links.
--------------- Airi Sasaki Sakura Chiba Chihiro Ando Chikako Tsugawa
Birthplace: Aichi Prefecture Chiba Prefecture Aichi Prefecture Aomori Prefecture
Birthdate: Feb 15, 1987 Oct 5, 1986 Aug 10, 19?? Apr 30, 1987
Blood Type: unknown AB A O
Height: 165cm (5'5") 165cm (5'5") 161cm (5'3") 169cm (5'7")
Size 80-57-81cm (31-22-31) 83-59-85cm (32-23-33) 78-56-82cm (31-22-32) 76-57-87cm (30-22-34)

Now for those picture links.
Photo News -- Photo News -- All About -- Race Queen PG1 -- Race Queen PG2 -- Race Queen PG3 -- Race Queen PG4 -- Kurumaerabi 1 -- Kurumaerabi 2 -- Random Blog 1 -- Random Blog 2 -- Random Blog 3 -- Random Blog 4 -- Random Blog 5 -- Random Blog 6 -- Random Blog 7 -- Random Blog 8 -- Random Blog 9 -- Random Blog 10 -- Random Blog 11 -- Random Blog 12 -- Random Blog 13 -- Random Blog 14 -- Random Blog 15 -- Random Blog 16 -- Random Blog 17 -- Random Blog 18 -- Random Blog 19

Done with the pictures it's time for some videos.

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