Monday, July 9, 2012

Porsche Coffee & Cars July

Porsche Coffee & Cars eventAnother month another fun and spirited Porsche Coffee and Cars event.  It was a bit smaller turn out this month as a large group of the people who usually show up were heading to Salt Lake City on Sunday for the Porsche Parade.  Of course that didn't keep something really interesting from showing up before the drive.  And I'm glad I'm always early because I was able to get it on film.  The drive was pretty good as well.

Even if the turn out wasn't strong we all did get to check out the new 2013 Porsche boxster S which was fully loaded including the PDK transmission.  It was a pretty penny.  But it looks so good and is worlds better than the first couple generations.  I love the new spoiler area it just flows so nice in real life.  We followed the car from the Birds of Prey Sanctuary  out to the Swan Falls Recreation area and dam.  Like last months event we ended up running into a lot of bike traffic but only on one stretch of road.  The rest of it even if it was mostly straight was all open and spirited driving.

Porsche Coffee & Cars eventI was riding in a 996 cabriolet and I found out that it's really hard to take good shots while doing that.  The driver was a hoot to ride with though.  He served in the 82nd Airborne back in the day and loved to live it up.  Unlike my own grandpa who didn't like it if you went 5mph over the speed limit.

We ended up following the new Boxster most of the way out to Swan Falls.  Once you hit the one section that goes down to the Recreation dam area you can't believe how steep and curvy the road is and it's a blast to drive down and back up. There were some local high school boys fishing there and they found the arrival of several Porsche cars to be really cool.  They thought the Boxster was a Carrera GT until we told them it was just a Boxster.

Porsche Boxster SFrom Swan Falls everyone sort of decided on their own way back.  We ended up leaving a little after the Boxster headed back to the dealer but we were able to catch up with them the ladies in the Boxster and only Cayman that was in the group this time.  It was nice drive and we got back around noonish and I got back home and cranked out the pictures I took.  You can find the complete set here -- Porsche Coffee and Cars July.

Until August then.

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