Saturday, July 14, 2012

Idlers Games rd 2: The Return of Stella!

Woot back burner post time.  In a couple weeks one of the most intense summer pro-am enduro races in Japan will take place at Sportland Sugo and the Twin Ring Motegi track.  That's right folks the 12hr +9min Idlers Games Enduro event goes down on July 29, 2012.  And Team RWB plans on being there with a hand full of cars again.  But before we get there lets go back a little bit to June 3, 2012 and the second round of the regular Idlers Games races and the return of the original RWB Nakai-san's own Stella Artois machine.

Stella Artois has been sidelined for some time with a blown engine but she's back and better than ever.  Stella came in 4th in Super SS-N class and 16th overall in Super Cup class.  But she wasn't the only RWB car out there either.  Several regular RWB racers made the event including Yuji Pogi and his rebuilt machine.  He was able to take first place in his class 9cup-1 and first overall in 930/9 class.  Several of the other RWB drivers would end up mid pack in their respective classes.   There were several heavy hitters out racing this time including a light blue 993 Wagen Midnight/Touge monster that was putting down some series power.

As it is Idlers Games there was a mixed bag of other cars from the English Lotus and mini group to the pro-am Japanese tuners in the Nissan Fairlady group.  And that's just a tip of the iceberg that is Idlers Games and that is what really makes Idlers Games interesting to follow.  While I love the Porsche and specifically RWB racers there is something for everyone.  If you're interested in the checking out all the results of the races you can hit up the Idlers Games results page here -- June 3 Results.

Now as you're probably a lot more interested in checking out pictures and videos of the race I have that in spades.  I've done a lot of digging finding all sorts of great pictures and videos from the event. 

There were a bunch of pictures posted on Facebook of Stella Artois so I've uploaded them and a lot of other stuff to the RWBooru site and you can find a lot of good stuff following this link -- Idlers Games.

Now for the random Japanese blogs.  I have them broken down into Porsche and not Porsche blocks.

Porsche stuff including RWB of course (some will be mixed with other car makes as well)
Blog 1 -- Blog 2 -- Blog 3 -- Blog 4 -- Blog 5 -- Blog 6 -- Blog 7 -- Blog 8 -- Blog 9 -- Blog 10 -- Blog 11 -- Blog 12 -- Blog 13 -- Blog 14 -- Blog 15 -- Blog 16 -- Blog 17 -- Blog 18 -- Blog 19

And here are the other various car makes also involved in Idlers Games. -- Blog 1 -- Blog 2 -- Blog 3 -- Blog 4 -- Blog 5 -- Blog 6 -- Blog 7 -- Blog 8 -- Blog 9 -- Blog 10 -- Blog 11 -- Blog 12 -- Blog 13 -- Blog 14 -- Blog 15 -- Blog 16 -- Blog 17 -- Blog 18 -- Blog 19 -- Blog 20

And now it's time for some videos.... This is only a small sampling of what you can find on youtube. Search here for more -- Idlers Games.

Now that I got this done I can get all excited for the enduro race. I actually sent Team RWB some Speed Matsuri stickers and a good luck note for the race because I know that while it was a fun time last year it wasn't so good on the cars. Hopefully this year will be different. Until July 29th than. And yes hopefully I'll get a blog post about it up sooner than I did for this one.

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