Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Mugen CR-Z GT

That's right you're not dreaming anymore. From the speculations of Aug 2010 comes the final race ready hybrid CR-Z to compete in the GT300 class in Super GT.  After seeing some manufacturing pictures of what looked like a Honda CR-Z getting the Super GT treatment I speculated about it's inclusion in Super GT.  And now just shy of a couple years is the Mugen CR-Z GT car that will be ready to race at Sugo during the 4th round of the 2012 Super GT season.

Car@nifty posted a slideshow and pictures and I quickly had to check it out because I heard that they were going to enter this year's race season but I hadn't heard anything more about the car since the start of the season.  Now here they are.  You can check out the pictures Car@nifty posted on their Facebook wall here -- Mugen CR-Z GT.  And I'll post the video below (only one so far).

So a little bit of digging around I found a Japanese press release that gave some details of the car and team that will be Sugo for the 4th round (and hopefully the rest) of the Super GT season.

Honda is providing a Twin Turbo 2.8L V6 (like those found in the LeMans LMP2 cars) and hybrid engine system and technical support to M-TEC Co., Ltd and Team Mugen which developed the Mugen CR-Z GT car.  Director for the team is Junichi Kumakura while the drivers for the car will be former GT500 and Indycar driver, Hideki Muto, alongside the youthful, highly-talented Daisuke Nakajima.  -- Yahoo News

They have been testing the car recently at Sportsland Sugo and the Twin Rings Motegi  and while they have had some issues with the car it's looking good to go for it's July 29th debut race. Hopefully it doesn't catch fire like it's other Hybrid competitor did during it's first race.

Here is a new video of it doing shakedown testing at Twin Ring Motegi

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