Monday, July 16, 2012

Project Jetta: Part 13

'89 VW Jetta GLLucky 13. That's right we are at lucky part 13 of Project Jetta and we have good news to report.  Since painting the trim pieces I've done a few other small little things and then we did some big things as well.  Summer is here and it's hot something I really hate even though I don't drive during the day that often.  So I decided to spend my work bonus on doing something every car needs.  Window tint!  And I also fixed the A/C.

But before we get to the window tint and ice cold A/C lets go back a little bit.  A couple weeks ago the roommate took off for a weekend leaving the garage open and I had to take advantage of the moment to do some other little things to the car.  One thing I noticed was that the steering wheel was not straight so I went to fix that and while I was taking that off I decided to take a look at my windowshield wiper stalk to see why it was not working all that well.

'89 VW Jetta GLLet me explain a little bit more.  The wiper stalk would work fine if I used the intermittent setting but I would blow fuses if I tried to use the regular speed setting.  It also wouldn't shoot washer fluid anymore.  I checked the motor on the fluid tank and that worked fine so I knew it was the stalk.  In any case I took the stalk apart which was harder than I thought thanks to the highbeam electrical plug.  Once I got it all apart I got a good look at the problem.  The internal part where the stalk rotates on the different window wiping setting was cracked and broken.  Well damn.  So a little bit of glue and some finagling of the connections later I put the stalk back in and got it all back together.  I also adjusted the contact for the fluid so that would work again (OK so now it works half the time only after I turn it on first).  Now at least I have wipers that work on all settings and I don't blow fuses.  To bad I didn't do that during the winter when it actually would have come in handy.  I also got the steering wheel back on and straight.

'89 VW Jetta GLAfter that I got around to replacing the rear driver side tire that I found was corded after I painted the trim.  I looked at the price of a new one vs getting a used one from RMF like I did with the rear passenger side tire long ago.  They didn't have a tire on the same type of rim so what I did instead is take the tire and rim to Wal-mart and had them switch the tire onto my rim and dispose of my old tire.  At least that way I don't add to our ever growing tire and rim collection in the garage.  I still need to get rid of the other one.  And that turned out to be a lot less expensive than just buying a new tire.  Chuck at RMF is good people that's for sure.

And now we are at the big spender and best thing done to the car yet.  So yeah got a nice bonus at work and decided that I'd spend it on getting the windows tinted and the A/C system fixed.  Took the car to Street Art and got the windows tinted.  Pretty good job really and I should take it in to have the driver side window fixed as there's some glue that's showing.  It's not really distracting either so it's not a high priority.  I wanted to get the A/C fixed first as it sucked driving the car with the windows up for three days.

'89 VW Jetta GLSpeaking of the A/C I really thought I'd have to spend a lot of money to get it done but all I had to do is buy the retrofit kit as my brother told me to stop by his shop and he'd help me out with the rest.  Now my A/C blows nice ice cold air and I've been enjoying it in the three days that I've had the car since than.  Love it and yeah I know I'm a pussy for having a MK2 with A/C but I don't care.

I washed the car last night so that I could take it out this morning for some new pictures to show off the tinted windows.  You can find all of them at the end of the Project Jetta set on flickr.,

So what's next on the list?  Well I'm thinking it's time to get some new pads on the brakes and to bleed the brake lines.  And I'm still looking for some inexpensive nice rims for the car as well as good bumpers.  Odds are I'll get the bumpers before anything else. 

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  1. Awesome post on your Jetta Project! All I have driven since I got my license is Jetta's. One of the main reasons is that Volkswagen Jetta parts are really expensive. Than again I have never really had problems with my cars, thank you for sharing this with us!


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