Friday, August 24, 2012

2012 Arid Club Car Show

Porsche 911 Turbo 3.6When I checked out the Silver Sage Porsche Club of America's (SSPCA) web page their calendar listed a car show happening on August 22, 2012.  I was interested in checking it out and really curious to see if it was supposed to be on a Wednesday or not.  In fact it was going to be on a Wednesday in the late afternoon/early evening (6-8pm) at the Arid Club.   Apparently the Arid Club holds a car show for it's members and an invited car club, in this case it was the SSPCA, in late summer.  It was the first time I've heard of the club and the car show so figured it was worth checking out.  I realized that I'd probably see a lot of the same Porsche cars (Like I'd really mind) that I normally do but figured perhaps the Arid Club members would bring something cool to the show as well. So off I went to a small little car show in the middle of the week.

Original Mini w/ Honda K20 engineI asked the roommate if he wanted to come as well and he tagged along.  Usually he gives me the beans about all Porsche 911 cars looking the same but I think even he was impressed with the cars there as well.  He really did like the Austin Mini Cooper with a Honda K20 engine swap.  He also got to see the new Boxster which I have to say is pretty damn hot.  There was the usual suspect of Porsche Club members and their cars with a few I haven't seen in a while.  I definitely liked the 997 GT3 and I think it was the same one that did the hillcross event but it had a different roll cage in it this time.  Not that that would be a difficult thing to change.  All the same it was nice seeing it again.  There was also a really nicely sorted 356 C at the show, I haven't seen that one before.

Porsche 356 CThe SSPCA cars were on one side of the building and on the other side there were the cars for the Arid Club Members.  There were a few Porsche cars there as well and while it was nice to see a 930 Turbo with 11k original miles I was digging the 964 Turbo 3.6 in White.  Oh yeah I liked that one probably the most well until something showed up in the parking lot when we were leaving.  More on that later.  Of course there were the handful of old school muscle cars and newer Mustangs but hey they were cars that I hadn't seen at any of the other car shows.  That was nice.  Oh and one thing I gripe about most car shows here are the for sale signs on cars makes the car show feel more like a dealers lot.  Thankfully there was only for sale sign and it was on the Chevelle SS.  The roommate didn't like that car one bit but that's probably only due to it belonging to a member of Dennis Dillon (there's some serious bad blood there) and why it probably had a for sale sign on the dash.

After I finished photographing the cars in the show I headed to the parking lot to see if there was anything cool hanging out.  You know besides a cool Mk2 Jetta (LOL) there were a few club members in the parking lot and a few cars that I've never seen before including one well worn 911 Targa.  As we were getting ready to leave a really cool surprise rolled into the parking lot.

Porsche 911 GT2
A simple white 997 GT2 rolled up and parked almost behind my car.  I asked the gentleman why he didn't park it in the car show and apparently he wasn't a member and hell I told him I didn't think any one would mind if he sneaked it in.  Turns out the story behind the car is that he bought it recently off of Jason Statham which is cool (yes tag all the pictures of the car with Jason Statham get lots of hits) and when I asked him if he got it signed he told us that they offered but he didn't want to wait to get his car.  We left a bout an hour into the show as I figured everything had shown up by that time and yup I was getting hot already.

I had a great time didn't really talk to a lot of people because everyone I knew was busy talking to other people but did have a nice conversation with the gentleman who owned the Bentley Brooklands.   I took a ton of pictures.  Considering there were only like 30 some odd cars there I took 100+ pictures.  What can I say I love those Porsche cars.  You can check out all the pictures from the car show here -- Arid Club Car Show.


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