Thursday, August 9, 2012

2012 Import Revolution

BMW M3I have a ton of stuff to blog about and what better way than to start with the best and biggest Import Car show of Idaho.  That's right bigger and better than last year Import Revolution or IR208 was back, this time in downtown Boise.  The lot was packed the cars looked great and oh dear lord the sun was shining bright as ever.  Unfortunately for me the show was happening on days that I was working so I was able to hang out all day long and get to experience the entire show.  What I did experience was great though.

Roll in was supposed to start at 9:30 and I wanted to get there early so that I could start taking pictures before things got packed and crowded.  And that only worked for so long as there was already a lot of stuff there so I started running around say hey to friends and getting as many pictures as I could.  Saw some great stuff and some not so great stuff. And of course since I left early I also missed a lot of stuff too.  I ended up with 179 pictures from the event and you can find all of them in this flickr set -- 2012 Import Revoltion.

Nissan Skyline GT-R R35Even though the show is called Import Revolution and is geared more towards the compact Japanese car scene there was a very large variety of vehicles that were there.  OK so there was a lot of Honda Civics but there was a ton of other stuff as well including a Hello Kitty R35 GT-R and the show stopper a completely restored Datsun 510 that has been under construction for many a year.  It's the second time that I've seen the car (saw it at the Northwest Motorfest show) but this is the first time that I noticed the ghost stripes on the sides of the car.

With the sun beaming down on me and I was getting tired from working the night before I double checked to make sure there weren't any more cars arriving at the show and at about noon I packed my self up and headed home for the day.  I enjoyed what I saw and heard that even more cars showed up as well after I left so I was a bit disappointed about that but over all I had a good time and was able to get some good pictures I thought.  Even though I realized that I missed a good number of cars that were when I was as well.  I did find out after I woke up that my roommate won the best graphics award.  He had taken his Mazda RX-8 down to the show as a last Boise car event before he moves off to Portland for school at the end of August.  Maybe next year I'll have more work done on the Jetta, enough to feel like it would be worth entering it into the show as well. 

Datsun 510As for the other winners at the show here they are...

Best of Show: Sean Lambert – Datsun 510
Promoter's Choice: Michael Rogers – Audi A4
Best Track/AutoX/Drift : Greg Tingey – Subaru Forest Sti
Best Drag Car: Brett Todd – Toyota Supra
Best Toyota/Lexus/Scion: Chris Henrietta – Scion XB
Best 21st Century Nissan/Infiniti: John Pennell – Nissan R34 Skyline GT-R
Best 20th Century Nissan/Infiniti: Pete Wilson – Nissan 240SX
Best 21st Century Honda/Acura: Dave Tran – Acura RSX
Best 20th Century Honda/Acura: Hai Tran – Honda Civic EK Hatch
Best 21st Century Mitsubishi/DSM : Justin (HollywoodX) – Mitsubishi Evo X
Best 20th Century Mitsubishi/DSM: Tyler – Mitsubishi Eclipse 2G
Best 21st Century Subaru: Greg Tingey – Subaru Forest Sti
Best 20th Century Subaru: Micah Sandusky – Subaru Legacy Outback
Best 21st Century Mazda: Dale Yee – Mazda Protege
Best 20th Century Mazda: Keith Eggert – Mazda Miata
Best of Europe: Michael Rogers – Audi A4
Best Domestic: Travis Etchart – Pontiac Solstice
Best Female Build: Jocelyn Evans – Mazda 3
Best Presentation: John Pennell – R34 GT-R, R35 GT-R, MKIII Supra
Best Stance: Mitchell Boehlke – BMW E46 M3
Best Wheels: Colton Biss – Rotiforms
Best Graphics: Scott Niewert – Mazda RX-8
Best of IMS: Alan Brooks – Mitsubishi Evo 8
Peer's Choice: Sean Lambert – Datsun 510

Of course I wasn't the only one taking pictures. Here are a few other galleries.
Mirko Ivancic

Some people were out there filming as well. Only video I've seen so far though.

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