Sunday, August 19, 2012

Support Print: Old School RWB Mags

RWB MagazinesI've always eyeballed them on ebay and after two months of bonuses from work I finally have both of probably the two coolest Porsche Mooks which heavily feature RAUH-Welt Begriff cars.  The Mooks are called Porsche 911 Super Tuning (ポルシェスーパーチューニング) and they are Vol 71 and 76.  I also happened to pick up the latest Super Street (Sept 2012) that features the new RWB993S Chaihona car from Fatlace. With these purchases I now have a total of 13 (lucky) magazines featuring various RWB cars and articles.

RWB MagazinesVol 71 is packed full of various tuned Porsche 911 and is chuck full of various RWB cars.  You'll find Nakai-san's Stella Artois, Natty Dread and Deen Plo from when they had an annual meeting in January.  Shinji-san's Good Hills Speed car is also in this volume.  Interesting enough a car that I thought had just been built this last year the Kingfisher car is also in this volume kinda confused me a bit but hey that's how things go I guess.  Toshi-san's Single Green 964 is also in this volume.  Of course the Mook is entirely in Japanese so I can't read a thing in it but the pictures are awesome and many of them are pictures I've never seen before.  It's definitely a must have for the RWB fan even if it is on the spendy side of things but lets face it I spend that much on diecast cars and anime figures at a time and this is something that I always pick up and look through from time to time.

RWB MagazinesVol 76 is actually the one that thought came out first as there are more non widebody cars and cars that Nakai-san built before some of the other ones in Vol 71.  Rodeo Drive features a lot on some of the cars.  Many people have seen a couple pages out of this magazine with the red car that Nakai-san is seen building in the magazine with one of the many carbon fiber roofs.  Toss in an older Dorf car that was also featured in Vol 71 with the current graphics on the car and I was really confused which came first.  The great thing about it all though is that you can see that there are many many different flavors of RWB cars out there.  It's not just the latest RWB993R that every one loves today and goes nuts for but there are many narrow body RWB cars in here along with many of the lesser known RWB cars that I've seen.  Shinji-san has referred to these Mooks as the RWB bibles and rightfully so.  You wont find a more complete collection of RWB cars any where else unless you head to Japan during one of their epic gatherings.

RWB MagazinesOn the home front Super Street once again featured one of the American RWB cars (easy access for them) and it was to showcase the new Chaihona RWB993S street version that was built by Fatlace for Nakai-san to drive around when he's in country (and to take to shows and events to show off).  The article isn't all that long but there are some nice pictures of the car and yeah if your a fan of RWB you should pick it up before it's gone and someone wants triple the price for it on ebay.

There are still plenty of RWB heavy Japanese magazines that I can get but they are a bit harder as I've never dealt with Amazon Japan or some of the other Japanese retailers on that side of the pound but if I keep getting some nice bonuses at work I might have to try a little harder in the future. 

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