Monday, September 24, 2012

J-Wolf and Porsche 911

I'll be honest with some 300+ cars at the Respect Porsche Meeting I couldn't feature all the cool cars that I saw pictures and videos of.  There were two cars that stood out a bit more than the others. They were sporting some vinyl graphics for a Japanese company called J-Wolf that specializes in hand made specialized exhaust systems for many different car manufactures but it's the two modified Porsche 911 cars that caught my fancy.  The two cars also went to the Auto Legends car show as well the weekend after the RPM show.  In any case I just wanted to toss out a little spotlight blog about those cars and J-Wolf.

First up is the White 930 that looks like it has undergone some body work improvements.  I don't know who did the work as I haven't dug that far into the persons blog nor I do know much about any of the cars other features, what I do know is that it's a NA 3.2L engine with a duel custom exhaust system from J-Wolf.   Pretty nice car though.  You can check out the car more here -- Necko155.

Here are some videos of the car
Outside --

Tunnel Run --

The second car is a red 964 that looks like it is sporting a 993 GT body kit of some sort. Here's a small article on it getting an alignment and you can see that while the kit has the dimples for the exposed rivets they are not being used -- Forza.  This was from what I gathered on the guy's blog a rather recent build.  I was a bit more impressed with this car but haven't seen a whole lot of videos of just this car.  But I have a few from the Auto Legends that show the car.

These are not the only Porsche 911 cars that have had the J-Wolf exhaust system treatment. There are plenty of others ranging in model line from the 930 all the way up to the 997 you can find out more about them by following their blog here -- J-Wolf.

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