Thursday, September 20, 2012

Respect Porsche Meeting

I so owe you guys a blog post but as it is life has been a bit busy and I've been a bit lazy.  Add up both and yeah here we are.  So how to make it up to you.  Well how about with a Japanese Porsche car show?  Last quarter of the year in Japan means lots of car shows and this month there was the new Respect Porsche Meeting (RPM) show held at the resort area Laguna Gamagori on September 9th.  Yeah it's been a while since then but that is because it takes some time for pictures and videos to show up on the internet for me to drool over and it was well worth it all.

I first heard of the show on Kia Asamiya's blog (mangaka of Kanojo no Carrera) as he was involved with the show creating poster art for the show which you can see above. He was also at the show signing autographs and selling merchandise (so wish I could get some of that swag yo).  Soon enough pictures started showing up soon after the show and I started drooling.  I was hoping to see some RWB cars and there were 4 of them but not to be out shined by the RW-Republik there was plenty of other cool Porsche cars there.  The star of the show was the Kanojo no Carrera Porsche 993 that was adorned itasha style of some of Kia Asamiya's lovely art work.  It also reinforces my idea of purchasing a 911 hood and having a Kanojo no Carrera vinyl added to it and hung up as art.

Aside from Kanojo no Carrera and RWB goodness the rest of the 300+ cars that showed up held on to some other fine Porsche gems including a handful of RUF machines including a light opalescent colored 997 version with exposed rivets over fenders (skinny not RWB wide).  Not to be outdone though were a large assortment of Carrera GT cars.  But there were a pair of Porsche 356 models that just stood out from the rest.  An old red rally model and a mean wide black number that was just fantastic to look at and I wish there were more pictures and video of it.  It was delivered to the show in a black covered flatbed hauler as well.

About the RWB cars.  You all know I'm a big fan of RWB so when I spy them I'm all over them.  I spotted four of them.  There was the Dorf car who is out celebrating his 23rd year of ownership at the moment and looking the same as usual.  Then we had The Silver 930GT that used to be called West Holly Wood but was now sporting a new title Modifying Exclusive which is the name a 930 turbo tuning shop.  The third car is a now retired racer the other red 964 RS car with the black rims.  It's nice to see that it's still getting some notice and being driven around and it was well liked by the ladies.  The last one is a rare car for some and is the car I call Neun-Elf it just happens to be a yellow narrow body RUF based car.

In any case here I am talking about all this Porsche epicness and I bet you're ready to check out the rest of the stuff and I have plenty of links to pictures and some videos below. 

Check out RPM's Facebook page for various show info and links.
There are a couple of picture sets on Facebook as well from the show.
Channel 9 has a set on their Facebook page and I think they shot every car there so you should easily find something you like.  I don't know who the guy is but I found this set on the RPM Facebook page.  Has some good stuff that you should check out -- RPM set.

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