Wednesday, September 5, 2012

September First Saturday Events

Porsche Coffee & CarsAnother new month brings us a new First Saturday of the month events.  Early in the morning on Saturday is the always good Porsche Coffee and Cars event and later that evening is a local area Volkswagen group meet.  Since my roommate was packing up his belongings to move to Portland that same day I was afraid that I wouldn't be able to make either event and I was pretty bummed about that.  Thankfully things worked out that I could make it to both of them camera in hand.

On Friday I decided that I was going to the Porsche event simply because I was like hell if the roommate can go off and Judge Magic games the night before I'm going to go look at Porsche cars in the morning.  Showed up a bit early as when I got home I found another friend fast asleep on the couch and a very friendly German Shepard greeting me at the door.  I was a bit shocked by the German Shepard as I was not expecting that giant ass head to poke out the front door when I opened it. 

Mercedes Benz SLS Cabriolet
So yeah I got there a bit early but that allowed me to check out one of the dealership's employee's Triumph TR6 that just looked stunning.  And since I found that I also found a new Jaguar XK Coupe that I checked out.  The rims honestly sucked but the rest wasn't half bad.  I'd still take an Aston Martin over it any day of the week though.  The guys at the dealership also told me that I needed to check out what they had on the floor in the Mercedes Building.  It turned out to be a stunning new black SLS cabriolet. 

Porsche 356 SThe Porsche cars started showing up and I headed off to look at what was showing up for today's drive, which of course I wouldn't be able to go on since I had to get back and help the roommate move.  It really sucks as this was the last scheduled Coffee and Cars meet for this year.  But as it was the last drive there were a bunch of new drivers at this event.  I got most if not all the cars in the pictures so I wont go nuts with telling you what showed up.  Finally though one of the Autocross buddies who has wanted to make the events was able to make this one, even though the wife wasn't thrilled about being up that early on a Saturday. So it was good to see them. 

They all headed off on their drive and I grabbed a free Porsche mouse pad that the dealership had made up for the attendees.  You can check out all the pictures at this link -- Sept Porsche Coffee & Cars.

Volkswagen meet
Thankfully we got done packing up the roommate's stuff well before it was time for the Volkswagen meet so I decided that even though I had only an hour sleep after getting back from the Porsche event I was going to head out to meet up a bunch of local VW fans at another coffee shop before going on a very short drive to get food.  A good number of VW water cooled cars showed up a lot of them that I hadn't seen before.  After a little bit of chit chatting and me taking pictures we decided where to go for food and headed off to some drivein food joint at the base of Bogus Basin Rd. 

Volkswagen meetSome how I ended up in the lead on the drive which was bad because I didn't know where we were going past a certain point (I knew what exit to take and that was it).  So I just drove the speed limit hoping some one who knew where they were going would pass me so I could follow them.  Thankfully they did.  Getting off the freeway we hit road construction and I have to say it was nice not being a lowered car at that moment as I didn't have to drive around bumps and crap.  Once we were at the drivein I just snapped more pictures and enjoyed the complements that I was getting on my freshly painted front bumper.  Finally with the sun behind the hill it was time to call an end to the First Saturday of September and head home to start editing pictures.  You can check out all of the pictures from the Volkswagen meet here -- VW Meet.

Until next month...maybe.

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