Saturday, October 20, 2012

2012 Oktoberfast

Porsche 911 GT3I'm always looking forward to the annual Oktoberfast Porsche car show at the end of the year and last weekend it was that time of the year again.  Held at the parking lot of Ling and Louis again this year a good number of Porsche cars of all sorts showed up on a Sunny Sunday late morning to show off.  There were new cars old cars and some rather rare cars as well as some cool cars in the parking lot that were not Porsche cars too. 
I showed up on time because I was watching the man jumping from the edge of space and realized what time it was.  I was really hoping to get their early to film some of the cars driving in.  With that not working out in my favor life just went on and I got to looking around taking pictures and saying hey to people that I knew.

Porsche 356 S "Karmann Notchback"Walking around I saw a few cars that I've seen several times before but some that I'd never seen before.  There was a red slantnose that I was wondering if it was real or a kit and with a bit of a closer look the slantnose was definitely a kit and not a very good one to be honest.  It looked good from afar but up close there were no correct louvers the bumper was warped and the slantnose had some paint cracking. 

I was rather disapointed by that but walking around some more in the older 356 section there were some rare cars like a 356 Karmann Notchback and a 356 Speedster.  There was another 356 speedster that drove into the parkinglot later on and I got a few pictures of it as well wondering if that one was real as well. As cars were always arriving I found my self wandering around a bit more than usual so decided to check out the parking lot to see if there was anything cool out there as well and I wasn't disappointed.  Sitting out there was a black 964 Speedster.  I was annoyed that the top was up but after taking better look at the car I noticed that the car was rocking some sheep skin seat covers and that changed my mind on the top being up.  I personally don't think Sheep skin seat covers belong on a Porsche (if the seats are bad get them reupholstered) or really any car for that matter. 

Nissan Skyline GT-RWhile on my way back I saw a black Acura NSx drive in so grabbed some pictures of that as well.  That was soon followed by a Ferrari F360.  I was having a good time out in the parking lot that was for sure.  Later durin the show a Nissan Skyline GT-R (R35) rolled in as well as another 930 Turbo.  I at first thought it was a 964 Turbo and in fact totally over looked the rear tail lights as it was wearing 964 Speedlines.  Took me looking at the pictures to realize I was wrong. 

Back at the show more cars had shown up including a just finished Carrera RS clone done in orange.  I liked this car a lot and might just have gotten my vote for people's choice if I was voting.  Actually the car that won that was the 356 Speedster and it deserved it.  I don't have a list of any of the other winners though. 

Porsche 911 TurboWith pictures taken and video filmed I asked if they cars were all going to be leaving at the same time to see if it would be sticking around to film them as they left but nothing was planned so I decided to take off for day.  I had a great time and loved looking at all the Porsche cars and even got a line on getting that 911 short hood that I've been wanting for that art project now I just need to save $200 bucks to get the dang thing.

You can find the rest of the pictures at these two sets -- Oktoberfast and Oktoberfast parkinglot.

Now I took some video as well but I'll be honest this is my first shot at filming on the run so to speak and I did a crappy as all hell job on it.  Tried to fix it with YouTube's autocorrection but holy damn hell that was even worse (now I know why some videos have that weird wobble effect in them).

So here is the first one from cars in the parking lot the other video is still rendering

Here's part 2 of the show.

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