Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Project Jetta: Part 14

VW Jetta GLThe last report on Project Jetta was done way back in July, since then a few changes have happened.  And a lot more pictures have been taken.  I'm kinda surprised I didn't do one before now but as it goes I haven't so now is a good time to wrap up a good handful of months of things done to the Jetta.  Mostly cosmetic but a little mechanical work tossed in as well. 

Carl's JrTo start with I finished painting my bumpers.  I did the front one first thinking that I would replaced the ripped back one before the end of summer and I was rocking the rear unpainted for a couple months after painting the front.  I also tinted the front blinker lights as well since finding smoked ones for this car is a very expensive and most sold out endevor.  I liked the look and was good with that for a while.  I also finally bought an aftermarket folding cup holder for the car as well.  Installed it and it works great except for taking corners to fast with large Carl's Jr cups in it.  But I figured out a way to make that work as well with a simple rubber band and a couple little notches in the cup holder. 

Then I bought an AR15 (saw the writing on the wall and decided it would be a good time to buy one before any new laws came into effect or they shot up in price again) and all the plans to do more work on the Jetta before the end of the year sort of flew out the window.  So I decided screw it I hate the look of the car with the rear unpainted so I painted it as well even though it has the tears in it.  At least now the car is looking much better.  And I was thinking about how I didn't like the look of the car without the lower lip either so I painted that as well and reintalled it as well.  I also put another layer of tint on the blinkers and I may have gone a little overboard on that.  Oops.  Now the car looked uniform and I was liking the car even more. 

Brake padsI was content with the car like that and wasn't planning on doing much else maybe replacing the tires before it got really far into the winter months.  Then the grinding started.  Oh joy what's that?  Oh just the front brake pads telling me it's time to replace them.  And that's what I did this last Sunday.  It took a little longer than I would have hoped for as one of the bolts had already been stripped out so it took some work to get it off.  Thankfully O'Reilly's had the bolts in stock so I wasn't stuck on Sunday with an unfinished project.   With the bolts in and the pads changed and the brake fluid bleed I was good to go.  Now of course the fronts are done now I just need to do the rear shoes next month and I'll be good on brakes.  The only problem is that the brakes are too good for the old hard tires I have on the car and I can lock them up pretty easily.  Kinda fun when I'm messing around not so much when it's time to be serious.  So I'll really have to get those new tires sooner than later. 

As always you can see more pictures on the flickr set -- Project Jetta.

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