Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Blond Drive TV

Nothing like mixing a hot woman with car stuff to get your gears going.  Enter Irina Olhovskaya, former Russian Playboy model (55th anniversary cover?) who hung up the bunny outfit and put on a Race Queen outfit to cover cars on her website called This is one of those blogs that's been on the back burner for a while as I waited for some good press photos of her to use for the blog.  Poor excuse for not doing it sooner but I don't care I wanted her to look her best on the blog and crappy thumbnails of her videos just wasn't going to cut it. 

So here we are.  I was introduced to Blondedrive.Tv thanks to some friends on facebook (hat tip to Garage36) who kept posting her videos and at first I thought really what is this going to be a hot woman with snippets of car knowledge but I ended up enjoying watching the videos and got hooked. She may not be Jeremy Clarkson behind the wheel but she looks a hell of a lot better.  Irina only speaks Russian in the videos however there are English subtitles as well.  That way you can read along (like you're really reading) with her as she explores the cars in her videos.  Most of her videos have been about exotics (she really likes Lamborghini) but there has been a few Russian car videos tossed in as well. I'm just  a bit annoyed however that there isn't any Porsche content at all.

Currently there only 17 videos (blonddrive #1 is blocked here in the States)  on her YouTube channel so there may be hope yet for some Porsche content at a later date. You can check out all her videos here -- YouTube.  And if you're really feeling adventurous there is also a Vimeo channel with 4 videos but no subtitles -- Vimeo.

Here are a few of her videos.

Here's one that has nothing to do with cars

Here she compares two RR Phantoms

Red Mini RQ Dress or Black RQ leggings which do you like better?

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