Thursday, November 15, 2012

Goodbye Kanojo no Carrera

I should be excited that the 24 volume of Kanojo no Carrera is coming out on the 19 of this month.  However, it marks the end for Reina and her Ruby stone Red 964RS adventures. Kia Asamiya posted on his blog several weeks ago that he no longer has a place to publish his manga titles.  Both of my favorite manga titles Kanojo no Carrera and Himegami Gagdet are no longer being worked on at the moment.

I had noticed that the bi-weekly chapters had stopped being updated and went to his blog to see what was up.  I found a post that looked interesting and had it translated using Google Translator and from what I gathered he's not happy that they cancelled his publication as he still wants to finish the story of Kanojo no Carrera and Himegami Gadget.  Thankfully  he's looking for another place to publish his works.  So in the end we may have a return to both titles or more likey a return of Kanojo no Carrera in the future.  In the mean time he still has other projects to work on to keep busy and something new coming out that he can't talk about.   

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Kanojo no Carrera will return shortly along with Himegami Gadget  but it makes me want to get the all the 24 volumes of the manga all that much more.  At the moment though that's just  a really expensive project that I'm not capable of doing (need to win the lottery).  Of course when it lands I'll download the 24th volume and enjoy what I can.  Hope for more scanlations but really just hope that it all works out for Kia Asamiya so we can all enjoy a little bit more of Kanojo no Carrera. 

If you're interested here is the blog post that tells of the demise of Kanojo no Carrera and Himegami Gadget -- KnC.  You can toss it into any translator you want afterwards.

A little digging around found that Anime News Network also covered the cancellation of Kanojo no Carrera (didn't mention Himegami Gadget so I may be wrong about that) and talks about the new monthly short series Aika ga Hashiru! Bijo-ning Car Drive!! that appears in DRiViSiON (which hasn't been updated since September). 

[UPDATE] -- Kia Asamiya just made an announcement on his blog that Konojo no Carrera will be back in January in the Monthly (I think it's monthly) Manga Comic BIRZ from Gentosha Comics.  When it returns the comic will start up where it left off but will come with a new title called Carrera RS.  

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