Friday, November 2, 2012

Initial D: Fifth Stage

There is only a handful of days before one of the biggest highly anticipated anime events of the automotive world will happen.  On Nov 9th Initial D: Fifth Stage will be broadcast on Animax Presents PPV in Japan and I'm pretty sure by Nov 11 it'll be the most stolen fansubbed anime in the world.  I say that because you wont only have the regular anime fansub watchers checking it out but a very large group of petrolheads who'll be chopping at the bit to watch it as well.

The official site has a little bit about the first two episodes (looks to be back to back) but not much on just how long the series is going to be.  I've heard that it might only be 6 episodes though.  I also heard that there will be a pre-release run of the first episode on the 4th too.  A lot of rumors are going around for sure.  Including who will be subbing the show as well.  I'm excited to see it in any case and I'll be one of those torrenting the fansubs as soon as they get posted on the net.

Currently there are two short previews for the series online that you can check out.
This is the first trailer from the official site.

This is the second which looks like it's from the second episode

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