Sunday, November 18, 2012

NEXT A-Class

Mercedes Benz Japan knows how to launch a new car.  What better way to introduce the newly designed A-Class in Japan than with an all original Anime short produced by the many talents at Production I.G.  This Saturday the anime called NEXT A-Class, a 6+ minute long anime short, was launched with a commercial for the short featured during the Fuji Sprint Cup race.

The six minute short is a car chase.  A chase between the A-Class and a mysterious noodle shop.  The noodle shop by the way is transported a top a '54 Mercedes Transporter.  The only way you can eat at this noodle shop is if you can catch it.  You'd think that would be easy to catch but seeing as how the Transporter has been highly tuned and modified it's not an easy task at all.  So enter the car chase through a future Tokyo city which transforms it's roadways.  Interesting?  Actually yes it is rather interesting including the revolving driver seats in the A-Class.  Talk about a Chinese fire drill in your car, and don't expect that in the production A-Class. 

The commercial showed up not even a couple hours after I had read about the anime on Keymochi.  Then it didn't take long at all for the short to show up on YouTube, complete with English subs, either.  The good news if you want more Mercedes Anime well you might not have long to wait.  They are planning to work on something for December and into the near future.  They definitely alluded to more adventures at the end of the short.

You can check out the short right here.  For the subtitles just click on the CC button.

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