Thursday, November 8, 2012

November First Saturdays

IMG_6137Fall is definitely here but occasionally we've had some really nice days and Saturday really wasn't one of them. Sure it wasn't raining but it was gloomy outside.  That didn't stop the Silver Sage Porsche Club from going on one last trip after having a nosh and the The Unnamed Treasure Valley/ Boise Area Volkswagen Group got together for a little bit.  I of course went to both for pictures and some chit chat.

I did miss the Bureau of Euro drive up to Bogus Basin but as I had worked the night before and that drive was taking off at the same time as the other VW meet I just couldn't make it.  I do wish daylight savings ended the day before as it was still pitch black outside when the Silver Sage Porsche Club was meeting at the Dealership for Coffee and Doughnuts before taking off for their drive.  That meant no pictures for a while until the sun creeped out from behind the mountains.

Porsche 911 Turbo by Techart
I wasn't really expecting much other then the diehards to show up but I was hoping and my hopes were answered when I spied not one but several of the new 991 cars from the area.  Some of the usual suspects and the lovely 997 Turbo with the Techart body kit that was my banner image on the Facebook page forever.  I did finally ask him about the kit and it's only the front and the rear panels and wing.  Forgot to ask about the rims though.  Found out that the dealership still has the 964 Cabriolet consignment and added another red cabriolet this time a 993 version (I have a diecast of that car) it looked nice but all I could think of is how much better it would look with a RAUH-Welt Begreff retrofit.  Such is my addiction. 

In any case I headed out and took my pictures and was thinking the pictures looked good and I didn't need to worry about using the tripod which at this point had the video camera mounted on it.  However, working on them I quickly realized that yes, yes I should have been using the tripod.  Lots of just fuzzy looking pictures.  You can check out the ones that did make the cut here -- November Porsche Coffee and Cars.

MK2 VR6 SwapI did take a video of the cars as they were leaving I still need to work on it and when I get that done I'll post it here.

After that it was back home to load up the Jetta with some used motor oil to handoff to a friend so that he can use it to melt down aluminum car parts to make some legs for a CNC machine.  A good use for used motor oil. We also talked guns until some of the other guys showed up.  A smaller than usual group and most of the usual suspects were there and most were hoping the new MK2 Golf with a VR6 swap would show up so they could take a look at it.  I have to say it was definitely a good looking swap for sure. A little more talking and every one pretty much had to go their own way for the day and I was happy to be heading home to crawl into bed and call it a day.

VW Golf GTiOf course when I got home I ended up being wide awake for a while so started editing the pictures and mucking about on the computer for a while and you can check out the VW meet pictures here -- VW Meet.

And with that another First Saturday was done and for a while the Porsche events are done until a warm spring Saturday (probably April at the earliest) but I'm not sure about the VW group some of us have cars that get around in the cold but most likely they'll be indoor meets. Might be interesting for pictures.  Maybe have a snow day and have our FWD cars pretend to drift for the lulz. Who knows if nothing else we'll see you in the spring for the next monthly First Saturdays.

Alright here is the video from the Porsche Coffee and Cars event. Hope you like it.

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