Saturday, November 10, 2012

Urban Outlaw

By now you've probably heard of Magnus Walker the Porsche Guru out of California who was the focus of a short Documentary film called Urban Outlaw.  For ever it was just the trailer that was out there on the internets getting shared here and there.  The full movie was released not to long ago running at about 30 some minutes long and I watched it and loved it but Magnus Walker doesn't end with just a movie, he's fast becoming an internet legend.

Who is Magnus Walker?  He's a Porsche nut, not the typical looking one what with the dreadlocks and worn clothing look but that doesn't matter in the slightest.  He has the passion and drive. He takes the old and busted first generation cars and turns them into works of art.  Watching the movie you find that he started off selling clothes on the boardwalk and has been able to take that experience and create a full clothing line (that now includes an Urban Outlaw line) that fueled his hobby of building and collecting every year and model of the first generation of the Porsche 911 and now people are looking for him to build them cars too.

Watching the movie I have to say one of the best parts was when he was making one of the leather door pulls for one of the cars.  Watching him talk about life and working on the leather is just awesome.  A lot of other great moments are of course sprinkled throughout the movie but that one sort of just stood out to me.

After watching the movie I moved on to other things after all as much as I like all generations of the 911 I'm more of a RWB kinda of guy after all.  So I didn't seek out more information at the time.  Of course with all great things momentum picks up and sure enough the Urban Outlaw was back on the radar this time with a new Facebook page chuck full of great pictures and a website address.  So of course I had to check that out as well.  Found some more great pictures and a store.  Oh hey that works, I needed a new beanie for this coming winter and he has a couple cool ones in the store. 

Watch the film here --

And if that isn't enough. Jay Leno did a piece on Magnus Walker this weekend as well. Check it out.

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