Wednesday, December 12, 2012

2013 Porsche 911 GT3 Cup

2012 is fast coming to an end and with it the retirement of the 997 factory racing development.  Taking it's place is the seventh generation of the 911 the 991. Kicking off the 991 Motorsport models Porsche recently unveiled the all new Porsche 911 GT3 Cup car based on the 991 chassis.  And it's a stunner. 

Even before the public gets a road going version of the GT3 car the race car will be available for teams to pick up and run in next year's Porsche Mobil 1 Supercup series.  Available only in white (from there teams apply their own graphics and paint schemes) with a sticker price of  $234,000 the new car boasts a substantial number of improvements over the outgoing 997 model that it replaces. 

With a laundry list of new features the new 911 GT3 Cup car promises to continue Porsche's winning legacy.  To start off with the engine will be a 460hp 3.8L power plant, a 10hp gain over the outgoing 997 car.  Delivering that power to the rear wheels is an all new six speed sequential paddle shift gear box, which is a first for Porsche Motorsports. 

Tires and brakes were also improved upon.  Porsche Motorsports designed an all new one piece centerlock rim that is fitted with Michelin rubber that has seen a size increase to 27cm in the front and 31cm in the rear.  Hauling the new car to a stop is an all new braking system that sees 6 piston callipers in front and 4 in the rear gripping on to 380mm slotted and inner vented STEEL rotors. 

It wasn't just the cars performance that was upgrade with the 991 chassis.  A lot of work went into driver safety as well.  An all new safety cage was designed to help with collisions and roll overs.  In addition to the new cage Porsche added a roof rescue hatch to aid emergency crews.  The driver seat also got a design make over in the head and shoulder area and is now individually adjustable. 

With Porsche's press release they released a ton of pictures and taking a look at the new car there are some new styling ques as well.  With the wider tires come some larger fenders.  At the back of the car it just wouldn't be a real race car with out the huge and I do mean huge rear wing.  The front also gets a massive one piece front splitter and side canards.  Mounted in the center of the hood is an all new center gas filler and tank assembly along with a pair of NACA ducts along with small louvers in the side windows.  The 911 GT3 Cup car looks amazing and is only the beginning of the new 991 Motorsports line of cars that will be looking to keep Porsche's winning legacy alive.

In keeping with their press releases Porsche released several pictures of the new car along with a couple of videos.  The first one was a teaser so we'll just skip that one and go right to the cute one followed by the best one.   Here is the Porsche USA mini site for the 911 GT3 Cup car -- PORSCHE

Here's the cute one -- Porsche 911 GT3 Cup: Character Refinement

And here is the awesome one -- Porsche 911 GT3 Cup: Precision Tool for the Race Track

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