Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Idaho Motorsports Toys For Tots Drive

2012 Idaho Motorsports Toys For Tots DriveHere I thought I was done with the car events for 2012 but nope one just has to sneak in right at that end.  At least this car event was for a really good cause.  Just to bad the weather didn't hold out for use.  This last Sunday was the Idaho Motorsports Toys For Tots drive.  And by drive I mean car show in crappy weather to gather up new unused unwrapped toys for needy boys and girls in the area.  If you're not familiar with the Marine's Toys For Tots program please check it out and help if you can, if not this year than next. 

2012 Idaho Motorsports Toys For Tots DriveI remember when Idaho Motorsports started doing the Toys For Tots drive and how small the turn out was back in the day.  Thankfully it's gotten much better and bigger.  Although this year it was a bit late in the season it still had a huge turn out.  The event was held at the BK Industries's shop in Meridian, ID and was able to fill two full boxes of toys with plenty more toys left over.  There hasn't been an official count of how many toys the group donated but really does there need to be.  It's no surprise though that the majority of the toys where car related toys.  I saw lots of RC cars and tons of Hot Wheels and playsets.  I myself brought a cool car LEGO set. 

As for the car show.  Well mothernature had a fit and we got rained on and lightly snowed on.  Add in the cold weather and you got one very chilly photographer running around taking pictures.  Some people just came said their hellos while dropping off their toy and left so there was a constant movement of cars in and out of the parking lot where the event was held so I was always running around shooting the new cars that were arriving.  Of course because of this I missed some as well.  There were also a few cars parked where I thought they were just random cars not associated with the event and missed a few there as well.  On top of that the weather wasn't helping either so some pictures didn't turn out so well either. 

2012 Idaho Motorsports Toys For Tots DriveSpeaking of pictures you can find them on flickr by checking out this set -- IMS TFT

I'm just glad that the weather didn't dampen people's spirits about sharing and giving toys to those that are less fortunate.  I'm glad that this event was so successful and that I could go there and take pictures for those that were there.  And of course the Sun had to come out the day after. 

Have to thank BK Industries for hosting the event. Those people on Idaho Motorsports responsable for organizing the event and for all those members who showed up and donated a toy.  There will be plenty of happy smiling boys and girls this Christmas thanks to you. 

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