Saturday, January 19, 2013

RWB New Years Party

What a better way to start off 2013 than with a post about the always awesome RAUH-Welt Begriff.  Every year Nakai-san invites the entire RWB brotherhood to a New Years party and car meet.  This year the party was held at Mandy's in Roppongi and the car meet took over the entire Parking lot of the Hard Rock Cafe in Roppongi. 
Now of course I wasn't there as I'm stuck in Idaho doing that whole boring work thing.  But thankfully many other people where there taking pictures (sadly no videos yet) and that means I can still share with you the wonderful collection of RWB cars that attended this years RWB New Year Party.

Packed into the Hard Rock Cafe in Roppongi parking lot was a large assortment of RWB cars from before and after RWB joined Facebook.  Also there were a few none RWB 911s as well.  The two that I noticed right away was the Blue Minerva 993 Idlers Games racer that looks like it's been fixed after it's last race where it lost a bumper or two in an off course excursion into the gravel traps.  The second one was the latest 964 built by Sunburst which I posted about on Facebook a little bit ago. 

There were many RWB that we've seen plenty of and some making a surprise return.  Nakai-san typically sells off or makes over the 12hr enduro cars (he has in past years) but this time we see the return of the 993 Hooters car and of course many people's favorite the 964 Tarantula.

Of course what we all want are pictures.  There are plenty and I've uploaded everything that I've found so far to the RWBooru but I'll also include the original source links here as well. 

Picture Links
RAUH-Welt Begriff 
A Rough Night in Roppongi -- JGlaze
RWB New Year Party -- JGlaze
RWB 2013 Roppongi 
Work Wheels Japan
RWB New Year Party -- Parinya Linason
RWB New Year Party  -- Minkara

If I find anymore pictures or videos I'll add them as well.  Now for Tokyo Auto Salon.

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