Sunday, February 10, 2013

RAUH-Welt -- Oh Canada!

Thanks to Circuit Soul, a huge supporter of RWB, Canada has just gotten it's first RAUH-Welt Begriff car.  That now means RWB has visited six countries (Japan, Thailand, England, USA, Russia and Canada) with plenty more to follow (Holland, Hong Kong and Philippians).  Nakai-san was in Vancouver, BC, building the latest RWB993R and just finished it this last weekend.

Unnamed at the moment this RWB993R is a lovely shade of blue with gold vinyl and rocking gold with polished lip rims (can't tell if they are SSR or Work rims right now) it's also sporting the new style rear wing.  Which looks really good on the RWB993R by the way.  I don't know much about the actual car at this time but I know it's not a Turbo model but it might be a C4 model.  There have been a few pictures of the car uploaded here and there and I've got them all uploaded to the RWBooru so you can check them out.  There are also a couple of videos of the car out already. If and when I find anything else out about this Canadian RWB I'll update this post.

Walk Around Video

Nakai-san getting sideways in the rain.

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