Monday, March 18, 2013

March Bureau of Euro Meet

VW Golf GTiOh yeah it's getting to be nice outside and that means time to get some car meets in.  This last week was the first meet of the year for the small Bureau of Euro group.  We met up in the parking lot of a hotel so we would have the space needed to head over to a small Italian joint to have lunch and shot the shit about what we were up to during the winter break.

Some of us (like me!) didn't do anything during the winter months while others did an entire engine swap.  Of course there were others who also did some car trading as well.  Which saw our first none German Euro show up.  Our typically small group gathering actually had a large turn out for a change too.  Maybe it's just the winter blahs coming to an end finally and everyone wanted to get out of the house on a nice day.  Of course I took the camera along to snap some pictures as well.

We had lunch at a place called Papa Joe's which I've never been to before and honestly isn't on my list of places that I must go back to as the service wasn't that great.  The food was OK but I've had much better for the price but that's just my opinion of what I had.  Also their parking lot sucks for a large car group and that's why we had to park in a hotel parking lot about a block away.  At least it was good for pictures.  You can check out the entire set here -- March Bureau of Euro.

Of course I need to work in getting the right number names for the BMW cars as I usually forget them by the time I go to name the pictures. 

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