Monday, March 4, 2013

Retro Car Kings

Ever since the 12hr Idlers enduro race and we saw that the Japanese Discovery Channel was following Nakai-san and the rest of the RWB brotherhood around filming.  It wasn't until much later that we learned that the Discovery Channel was working on a program called Retro Car Kings and that it was going to be released in the late fall and would follow 5 of Japan's top tuners. There were many people looking forward to seeing the program when it came out and I looked for it and looked for it but it was a Japanese only program and not a torrent could be found anywhere.

Then about a week ago it suddenly out of nowhere popped up on Vimeo and I worried that it would be taken down (which it has been) so downloaded it to watch it at work that night.  Thankfully it's popped up on YouTube as well.  Personally I'd like it if it would get an airing here in the states and would definitely watch it again and again (Seriously Discovery are you not listening to everyone out there who wants to see this here!!!! I even wrote you an e-mail).  They wouldn't even have to edit it as it was already released with an English narration and subtitles.

To be honest even when I found out what Retro Car Kings was going to be about all I really wanted to see was the feature on Nakai-san and RWB during the 12hr enduro race.  I thought there would be more about the actual race but his segment felt shorter than the rest.  Was I disappointed? No, I actually found my self enjoying the entire program and learning a bit more than I thought I would.

It's definitely something that should be watched by any self respecting gearhead interested in a very different look of the Japanese Tuning scene and some history of the Japanese automotive culture. Also be sure to check out Garypatrickmannion for some great pictures of the before mentioned 12hr Idlers Enduro. 

Here is the entire ~44minute program from YouTube.

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