Wednesday, April 10, 2013

April's First Saturday

VW Golf GTiI was not expecting April's First Saturday events to be so busy.  First of all I was under the impression that the Porsche Coffee and Cars wasn't going to start until May but it was so nice the week before they decided to start a month early.  Just to bad mother nature decided to go back for another week of winter at the same time. After that the VW group's first Saturday meet went to a car show as a group.  In the middle of all that I took a nap and cleaned my car.  It was a very busy Saturday.

After getting off work on Saturday morning I only had a little bit of time to relax before I had to run off to the Porsche Dealership for the first of the year Porsche Coffee and Cars meet and drive event.  It had been raining the night before and it was scheduled to keep it up through out the day so I was worried that they were either going to cancel the drive or not many people were going to show up.  Neither was the case though when I arrived at the dealership there was a huge turn out of people.

Porsche 911 TurboGot talking to the dealer guys about the Ferrari that they had in there a couple weeks ago and found out that it was only gone to be serviced and would be back in a couple weeks and they would call me when it came back so I could take some pictures of it.  That sounds like it'll be fun don't you think.  So yeah the weather was holding up and all sorts of cars where showing up.  Nothing to spectacular or unseen before showed up but the lady with the Boxster Spyder showed up this time and I have to say I liked that her car was dirty as it just meant she enjoyed driving it.  Although I wouldn't mind getting some good shots of it clean and with the Top down (every time I've seen one it has the top on).

I did my thing took some pictures which you can find here -- Porsche Coffee & Cars.

Porsche Boxster SpyderAfter that I headed home to take a nap so that I could get up later to clean my car so that I could go to a car show with the rest of the Unnamed Treasure Valley Boise Area Volkswagen Group.  Of course it keep drizzling on and off the entire time so I just spot cleaned the exterior of the car and cleaned up the interior of the car. 

With the car some what cleaner I headed over to meet up with the VW people before heading out to the car show.  A few new cars showed up but after a bit of chatting and picture taking we rolled out to the Discount Tire store just down the street.  It must have been weird to see an entire line of various VWs doing a UTurn on one of the busiest streets in the valley.  But we all managed to make it to show in one piece and it turned out that we were the largest group of cars there.

VW Jetta The car show had a bunch of other random car goodness and while I don't care for some of the stuff (lowriders with hydraulics/old cars and trucks that sort of thing just not my cup of tea.) I'm sure there was something for everyone.  In fact there was so much stuff there it spilled out on to the street (well at least that's where I had to park).  I ran around doing my thing taking pictures (of most everything) and what not got a goodie bag of random stuff and headed home and set to work editing pictures and calling it a day.

You can find the pictures from the VW meet and car show here -- Discount Tire Car Show.

And with that I'm out.  

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