Thursday, May 23, 2013

Cinco do Autoxo (Autocross on May 5, 2013)

Honda S2000Been a while since I've blogged here.  It's been a busy crazy schedule of things and yeah just a bit of procrastination.  The pictures and videos have been uploaded for some time and oh my another autocross event is this weekend I should post about the other one first.  So here we are.

The event was a Sunday only event due to the Cinco de Mayo holiday weekend and with work looming in the evening I was only planning on staying for the morning.  While the autocross people were setting up we were bombarded by a few landing hot air balloons, they managed to steer clear of the track and the cars. I was able to get one good shot of them as well.

Fiat 500 AbarthThe event itself was pretty normal with a huge turn our of Novice drivers which included a Fiat 500 Abarth.  Kind of surprised though that there wasn't a single Porsche out this event.  Maybe this next event will make up for that.  Not only was there a good turn out of Novice drivers but there was a pretty good turn out of regulars as well.  Hell even some off shot of ESPN was there filming one of the drivers for something.

You can check out the results of the event here -- May 5th results.

I got some good pictures this time around with the new Neutral Density filter that I picked up recently.  I took some pictures of the event on the 14th but I wasn't there all that long and it was so over cast that using the Neutral Density Filter didn't work out all that well.  You can see those pictures here -- Autox on April 14th

BMW M3 E36And here are the pictures from the event on May 5th.  It looks like flickr just did a major update on their website so yeah there's that too I guess. 

On the video front I missed a few cars... The price for only filming one day and only half the event.  This time around I grouped all the videos together by classes and people seem to like that way of doing things so I'll probably stick with that for now on.  You can check them out here -- Cinco de Video

Here's the open class video

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