Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Fast N Furious 6 car meet and movie

Nissan 350ZAh yes what better way to see the latest installment of the Fast and Furious than with a car meet prior to the movie.  For the second time (that I've been to) Idaho Motorsports organized a little car meet and special screening of Fast and Furious 6 on Friday night for members, and their families, from the IMS forum.

The car meet was to begin at 6pm with the movie starting some time after 7pm.  I got there plenty early (like the first one there, yo) so I could get some good pictures but I was kicked in the butt by shade and everyone parking right next to each other.  In the end I still managed to get some decent shots, missed a few cars here and there due to the difficulty of shooting in a parking lot with a dwindling sun and growing shadows. 

You can find the entire set of pictures here -- FNF6 Car Meet.

Toyota SupraDuring the meet we were graced by the shenanigans of an old dude on a date who decided that the cool thing to do, or to impress the lady, was to do a smoke out (isn't that what they call it when they rev their engines and beltch out all that black unburned diesel exhaust?) in his big ol' diesel truck.  The handful of us that were there at that point were not impressed or amused by his childish actions. Later with a much larger group of us he slunk back into the parking lot to drop off his lady friend and quietly left as well, must not have impressed her much if he was returning less than an hour after he left.   

He wasn't the only childish behavior shown by outsiders.  A purple AMC AMX showed up and at first I thought he was part of the group and I thought that was cool to see some old muscle in the group but he soon left after taking some pictures and video with his cellphone, doing a burnout in the process. What the hell.  Again no one was impressed by his shenanigans. With that it was time to watch the movie (which smashed Box Office records for an Universal Film on opening weekend at $160mm)

Fast and Furious 6 -- Warning Spoilers ahead!

BMW M3OK so yes I enjoyed the movie for what it was a mindless summer flick with great cars and great action. I didn't expect much more than that and I got exactly what I wanted out of it.  Sure there were some real eyebrow raising moments but it was a fun movie and I didn't mind wasting the time to watch it.  I could go on about the 50mile long runway scene and the impossible super human moments like wrecking a tank and not having a scratch or how about driving through the front end of a transport plane that's on fire rolling a bunch and yet walking away without a damn scratch on them.  However, it seems like that super human ability does not apply to women or bad guys... Sorry.  But that's all part of  tying up of loose ends.  I knew Gisele was going to die the moment she said, "lets settle down in Tokyo."  Damn, and I liked her too.  Well maybe they'll write her back in like they did Letty.  Then we get the end credit spoiler clip for the next movie and I can tell you... that's not going to happen because, oh holy shit it's Jason Stathom!  And he killed the Asian dude, guess Asian dudes are not super human either.  

That's right FNF7's evil villain is going to be Jason playing the roll of the last villain's brother (must be adopted). Now if they are going back to Japan there sure as hell better be some RAUH-Welt goodness rolling around that film damn it.  Maybe some Liberty Walk too?  Maybe Mr. Walker will bring back his Hakosuka too.  Just for the love of god please please don't cast some twat actor like Taylor Lautner (he apparently wants to be in it badly) in it unless of course you just kill the fucker off in the first couple minutes of the film, I'd accept that. Guess we'll just have to wait until June/July of 2014 to see how it all plays out.   

Here's the end credit spoiler clip.

Here is a very good review of the movie, they pretty much nail it on the head.


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